[Free for a limited time] Cook and provide a variety of dishes quickly! Cooking ACT Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! Started distribution at the Epic Games store

At the Epic Games store, the free distribution of the PC version of the PC version of the * Cook, Serve, Serve, Delicious! 3?!! It was started only. By performing the obtained procedure within the distribution period, you can play unlimitedly.

This game is a type of single and local cooperation play that presses the key displayed on the screen.


Let’s provide more than 200 dishes in a kitchen car

The stage is in the United States in 2042, which was devastated in the war. Players will run around the United States while providing more than 200 dishes with upgraded kitchen cars to participate in the Iron Cook FoodTruck Championships along with robot whisk and creepers.

In the actual game play, when using the keyboard, it is close to a typing game, pressing the key related to the ingredients displayed on the screen and promoting the cooking process. It also supports game pads, and can be played by pressing various buttons displayed.

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