Hideo Kojima remembers P.T. (Silent Hills): 8 years of the demo that terrified the world are turned

8 years ago we did not have to speculate or sagas park for desires on the return of Silent Hill, one of the terror sagsagas par par excellence of video games, with permission from Resident Evil. Because at that time, there wsagas par a new officially confirmed installment: Silent Hills , with Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead, Death Stranding) of the protagonist and the charismatic Hideo Kojima in front, along with Guillermo del Toro. It all started with p.t., The playable demo that put the skin of chickens to all … and that later ended in cancellation of the title.

Many fail to forget that August 12, 2014, at which time we could enter that mysterious floor, unravel their mysteries and see the faces with Lisa, the enigmatic woman of great height that became the nightmare of all the players . And also in that of Hideo Kojima , who wanted to remember his eighth anniversary on his social networks.

Why did you be so afraid?


The demo, which would not necessarily be part of or would be a sample sagas par such from the aforementioned Silent Hills, managed to wrap us in a strangest environment: Many people admitted to feeling authentic terror when playing . The photorealistic environment, calm before the storm in a relaxed experience on paper, until things happened… the presence of smooth, the treatment of sound, random events and the way of progressing in the game by making certain movements and actions gave place to a msagas pars phenomenon. The sample of how much it can be achieved, with very little .

Currently, P.T. It is not available and it is impossible to access it . The only ones who can continue enjoying him are those who downloaded him from the PlayStation Store servers before his withdrawal. But, regardless of whether we have it installed in our PS4 or not, the important thing is that we will never forget it. If you missed it and you are curious, do not miss the video in which we review his story.

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