Survival Nightingale that crosses the portal in 2023

Nightingale, an open world survival game that survives through the portal, announced the release of early access in 2023.


The new work of the influence game, founded by former BioWare executive Arin Flynn, is a first-person PVE game that cooperates with single or multi-game to find a magical city of Nighting Gale, which will be the last bulwark for mankind in danger. Then.

The biggest feature of the game is that it crosses the dimension by portal. The general survival game has a fixed field and collects various resources in it to build villages and grow characters. On the other hand, ‘Nightingale’ explores an unknown world that unfolds randomly by unlocking the portal.

The world, which is embodied as a portal, has a variety of topographical features such as dense forests, swamps, and deserts, and depends on how the Remrm cards affect the random elements of the portal may affect the changes in the environment, further characteristics, and resources. have.

‘Nightingale’ was scheduled to be released on an early access by 2022, but it was delayed as it was upgraded to Unreal Engine 5. The developer was originally planning to upgrade the engine after its launch, but it decided to upgrade immediately after reviewing the potential of the new engine.

As the postponement is decided, ‘Nightingale’ will be released on Unli access by 2023. Early access period is planned for 9-12 months and starts with the entire season 1 content. More information about ‘Nightingale’ can be found on the Steam Store page.

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