Gothic 1 remake: New video takes us into a weird mine

Rather, it has been prepared for a lengthy time that THQ Nordic will certainly be much more oriented towards the original than you at first prepare. Follower feedback likewise played a crucial duty in this decision.

Over 20 years after the beginning of the series, fans can look onward to a remake of the initial Gothic. Now a brand-new video clip has actually been shown that perfectly records the scary environment of the game.

Listed below you can take a look at the new video and the entire THQ Nordic presentation:

Gothic 1 remake: real to the initial and yet brand-new

As mediator Elle Osili-Wood states, video game mechanics as well as control are modernized, however otherwise you stay dedicated to the original Gothic. Prior to that, it was already indicated that, for instance, the discussions did not want to transform and also the story only somewhat changed. A launch date has not yet been introduced. The Gothic 1 remake for PC, PS5 and also Xbox Series X | S established.

The brand-new intro should clearly emphasize the accent and environment of the upcoming new edition. In lengthy video camera trips it goes deep underground in a mine on the well-known island of Khorini, where a deadly risk is waiting for a couple of paupers.

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