Aytekin discusses Var-Kniff near Frankfurt versus Bavaria

This method is of program not constantly the solution and also does not constantly function, confesses Aytekin. Yet it uses: safety with speed. I prefer the right decision rather of promptly calling a decision as opposed to all physical violence as well as in the end it is wrong.

Deniz Aytekin holds versus it. We are the leading testimonial nation in Germany when it comes to speed up, discusses the DFB umpire in 2022 at constantly meets DAZN. In other countries, the typical time is 15 to 20 secs longer. However as far as the audiences and players are concerned, 75 secs can really feel like an endless time.

At the opening game between Eintracht Frankfurt as well as FC Bayern (1: 6), his 200th task in the Bundesliga, the umpire consequently utilized a trick. There was a scenario soon after half-time in which it was inspected whether there is a fine, reveals Aytekin.

Instead of maintaining his hand on the ear, the referee in the scene therefore went to the player pulk collected in front of the edge sphere. I mosted likely to the gamers and claimed to Upamecano that he need to stop, smiles Aytekin. He checked out me and claimed: ‘I didn’t do anything.’ I then said: ‘Yes, I recognize. However I require time.’ I took a couple of steps back. This amount of time aided me that-on great German-noching old sow, we examined that we inspect something.

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According to Julian Nagelsmann, it was five hours as well as 34 minutes up until you knew that it was offside. After the 2-0 of FC Bayern against VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday, the FCB train had actually criticized the time of a VAR check-not the very first voice here.

_ ** What he assumes of playing Var scenes on the stadium screens, why he finished the new seasonal worldwide job as well as in which arena he wish to whistle, Aytekin reveals in the brand-new episode constantly meets DAZN. * _.

15. August 202201: 49: 48 hours.

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This podcast episode will exist to you by the present referee of the year! Deniz Aytekin is as soon as again a visitor at constantly meets and also talks mercilessly from the much-quoted box. The 44-year-old discuss his 200th Bundesliga game, his volunteer withdrawal from international football and unique techniques to disguise throughout the game in the area that a VAR check is currently running (fabulous anecdote!). Additionally, Alex as well as Benni talk about everything crucial for the past second matchday of the Bundesliga as well as switch to the constantly-English professional Thomas Böker, that explains the suffering at Manchester United and also the London handshake of the week between Tuchel and also Conte. Open up ears and afterwards go!



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Deniz Aytekin holds versus it. In other countries, the ordinary time is 15 to 20 secs much longer. There was a scenario quickly after half-time in which it was examined whether there is a penalty, reveals Aytekin. I went to the gamers and claimed to Upamecano that he ought to quit, grins Aytekin. Deniz Aytekin is once again a visitor at constantly meets and also chats mercilessly from the much-quoted box.

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