Vampire Hunter Western Drama ACT EVIL WEST released -On November 22, two months after the initial schedule

Focus Entertainment has announced that the release date of the new third-person action game Evil West developed by Flying Wild Hog will be postponed to November 22, 2022.

This work is a new action developed in Flying Wild Hog, known in the Shadow Warrior series announced in THE GAME AWARDS 2020. Players will save the United States from blood-hungry vampires as the last agent of a very confidential vampire hunter organization, set in a wild west where vampires are rampant. At the time of the announcement, it was scheduled to be released in 2021, but it was released on September 20, 2022. This time, it will be postponed to November 22, about two months later.

The tweet is currently aiming for the best release on five platforms, and we want to provide players with permanent memories by sophisticated games. He said he decided to postpone the possibility. It is also said that it has been overwhelmed by the great response in demonstrations and trailers in PAX EAST.

Evil West will be released on November 22, 2022 on Windows (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.

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