Kakao, withdrawal of the sale of Kakao Mobility -Community

Kakao announced his intention to withdraw the sale of Kakao Mobility on the 18th.

The Kakao Community Church (CAC) decided to suspend the change of the Kakao Mobility shareholders’ composition and respect the willingness to continue to grow with the society derived from the labor and management.

CAC has communicated with mobility labor and management by considering changing the composition of Kakao Mobility shareholders. Earlier this month, the labor and management formed a council for mobility and sustainable growth of society (sustainable growth council), and delivered their will to make social responsibility in the Kakao community and create growth and innovation.


Based on the agenda of ‘innovation, growth, accompanying and sharing’, the goal is to achieve continuous growth and innovation while fulfilling social responsibility. The plan is to create innovation to solve the movement problems that the people are experiencing, to grow together with mobility partners and the weak for continuous innovation, and share technology and data.

Kakao respected the direction of the Kakao Mobility Council, and decided to stop reviewing the change of shareholders’ composition. In the future, the Kakao Community Center and Kakao Mobility will fulfill their social responsibilities and create growth and innovation to solve the people’s movement.

Hong Eun-taek, a representative of Kakao, said, Kakao Mobility and Kakao Community Center will try to solve traffic problems based on sustainable innovation that society can sympathize. I will actively support and support.

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