How to get Voyader Management Station in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has many vehicles on which you can travel along the AID planet. Some can be earned by the plot or as a reward, but some need to be collected from details. This includes the Voyager, and one of the important parts is the Voyajer Management Station. This may make you think about how to get the Voyagger Office at Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Voyage Manor station in Tower of Fantasy

The Voyager is a vehicle that you can get at Tower of Fantasy. You will need four details: Voyajer control station , Voyager engine, Voyager housing and Voyager engine. You can get the Voyader Office Station by going to Doc Seefort in Crown in Tower of Fantasy. It is sealed behind the barrier in the bunker in this place.

where to find the SeaForth Dock Bunker in Tower of Fantasy

SeaForth Dock is located on southern part crown near Crossbreaker Shors . Look for a large ship thrown ashore-the bunker will be on the shore to the west. Be sure to defeat the enemies that protect the bunker, otherwise they will interrupt your attempts to turn off the barrier.

How to open a barrier in Seaforth Dock in Tower of Fantasy

In the Dock Seefort has a bunker with a barrier that protects supply unit containing Voyajer control station. You must deactivate in barrier entering the code 3594 . Please note that the 9 key is replaced by 10%, but it still works. As soon as the barrier falls, you can run up and grab the Voyader control station.

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