Chris Evans responds to Captain Americas revelation in She

Recently the She-Hulk series has been released, which has generated mixed comments among Marvel fans, since some hated it and some others worshiped her. However, something that caught the attention clearly, was a joke that hinted at some time that the Captain America has been a virgin for his life.

Given this, the character’s actor, Chris Evans, responded through his social networks quite comic, making it clear that he knows a secret of Captain that many do not yet make clear. In addition, the only thing he showed on his Twitter account are emojis laughing out loud, accompanied with another that has a closure of clothes in his mouth.

This is the synopsis of She-Hulk :

The series follows Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), a 30-year-old single lawyer whose greatest desire is to succeed in her profession. But there is a little detail: she is related to Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), also known as the incredible Hulk.

Now, she must juggle her career as an expert in superhuman legal cases and with her own super powerful version of two meters high.

She remembers that the first chapter is now available in Disney Plus.

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