Valorant: Kru Fem gets the pass to the southern final at Game Changers

The southern clashes begin to determine the champion squad that will fight for its quota for the Women of contests where we will have a finalist team and two others looking for the second quota.


The most undefeated girls in the region

The first duel would be between Kru Esports fem against not org starting in Breeze where the pink team began by hitting strong with a Kalita that managed to come fine with the Sova arrows to punish the rivals to leave A 9-3, in the change of sides the situation would be beneficial for the Kru team that kept the game control to take the first point.

For the second scenario we have Haven that had an interesting start with Romi that gave good moves to get fast casualties in favor of the rose girls who managed to put the 7-5, in the second half the defense proposed by Nog It would be quite good to avoid the entry of the rivals managing to send the meeting where Flossie would make great ravages to tie the series with a 14-12.

Arriving at the third map we have Icebox that Nog’s team began dominating strongly thanks to Lynn that put the sage in duelist mode to leave 7-5, changing the reaction of Kru He was present thanks to Conir * who showed his ability with Chamber to press the opposite to generate an advantage that would help them to settle the match and take the series.

The purple looks better

In the second series we see eSports against 9Z starting on a map of Haven that began aggressive for the purple team with ANQH that would have a great presence in the confrontation with their bridge that allowed them to put a 8-4, in the second half Covinhas would cause chills in the rivals allowing to increase the advantage for its squad closing duel 13-5.

Going to Split we see that the game began very even because neither of the two squads gave an advantage in the first half leaving a 6-6 draw, in the change of sides the pressure in the attack it raised 9Z Complicated the situation thanks to the casualties of Micaela ** with its chamber that generated a good impact on the encounter to settle the situation with a 13-11.

This concludes the first day of action in the Playoffs phase of Valorant Game Chargers with a blunt victory of the pink team and the power of the purple squad that dominate to advance to the next stage, on the one hand Kru fem Wait rival For Sunday while 9Z will face not org to look for the pass to the grand final.

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