Dragon Ball missions in Fortnite: Resistance Training, Concentration and Recovery

The arrival of Dragon Ball to Fortnite has brought a good amount of aesthetic content (skins) and playable, such as the islands to see the episodes, the Kamahameha weapon and the flying cloud to quickly move. On this occasion, I keep telling what are the missions belonging to the Dragon Ball event.

Under the name of heating, training (combat, strength, agility, resistance and concentration) and recovery, Epic Games has added missions to unlock many of the Dragon Ball rewards, including a very, very special Delta wing.

Endurance training

Complete Resistance Training Missions : 3 Missions-Recompensa: X1 Dragon Ball.
If you are able to survive the severity of the earth multiplied per 100, you will survive a few storm phases:
survives 10 phases of the storm -Reompense: 2m of energy.
* Bebe a lot of juice: obtain 150 shield in 3 different-recompensses: 2m of energy.
*_Well work!, You are almost!(Phase 1/3):
Lands in the rough sawing and then reaches the highest point of tortuous tunnels -Reompense: 3m of energy.
*Encuentra Islands in the Fortnite X Dragon Ball section to discover (5642-8525-5429) :
gathers 100 capsules on the island of adventure of Dragon Ball -3m of energy.
*Encuentra Islands in the Fortnite X Dragon Ball section to discover (5642-8525-5429) :
collects a Dragon ball on the island of adventure of Dragon Ball ** -Recompensa: 4m of energy.

Concentration training

Complete concentration training missions : 3 Missions-Recompensa: X1 Dragon Ball.
We will need much more than simple mental games to stop their feet:
Advises shots at the head while you point out -Reompensa: 2m of energy.
*Tu power remains far superior to yours:
inflicts damage (200) to a player 75 meters away or more with weapons with sight-Reompensa 3m of energy.
If you have to use a weapon, which is a good: collects from the ground a rare object or of superior rarity within a period of 3 seconds after landing from the battle autob´us (3 times) -Reompensa: 3m of energy.
With this you should have a good angle: inflicts a player with the kamehameha before landing with the flying cloud (1 time) -Reompensa: 4m of energy.
Ir to the car helps improve the concentration: It travels a certain distance in a vehicle on asphalt (750) -Reompense: 4m of energy.
Make in a flying cloud is not the only way to fly: swing in 5 different trees with a hook glove without touching the floor * -Reompensa: 4m of energy.


Complete recovery missions : 3 Missions-Recompensa: X1 Dragon Ball.
Trabaja hard, study with desire and eat and rest a lot (phase 1/2):
Recover 50 health resting in a tent -Reompense: 2m of energy.
* Marcial Arts Study It is not an easy task:
It comes into heat next to a fire and recovers 50 health -Reompensa: 3m of energy.
* Use the tail, if you have one:
Fishing in Arboleda reef, monumental monument and landing button -Reompense: 4m of energy.
*The food from this planet is delicious:
Recover 500 health during or after a duel eating meat or a fish -Reompense: 4m of energy.
*Ve and fish a fish or something:
Use a fishing rod to get hooked to a loot shark ** -Reompensa: 4m of energy.

Energy serves to advance for this battle mini-pase Dragon Ball: Unable to be unleashed!, Which includes thematic rewards: graffiti, effects and a gesture.

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You have until August 30 to complete all the missions. Each of these training gives a dragon ball. If you have accounts, in total there are 7 training… that coincide with the ** 7 Dragon Ball Dragon Ball. If you manage to get them, you will get the Shen Long glider.

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