Enduring the Results: New Alliances


The Forgotten Tracks Radio Pack is also readily available now. It contains two playlists that can be heard in the video game on the radio and is offered for 3.99 euros (RRP).

At the same time as the New Alliances console release, a new patch shows up which contains some bug repairs and also quality-of-life enhancements. This upgrade also shows up for the computer version of the primary game and the DLC.

As Paradox Interactive and IceFlake Studios announced, the development of New Alliances is currently additionally readily available for the console variations of making it through the consequences. This development builds on the gameplay functions of the globe map and enables players to combine a post-apocalyptic society by combining various colonies surviving in the marsh. New Alliances is readily available at a cost of 14.99 euros (RRP) in the Microsoft Store. There are even more details here.

  • Making it through the After-effects: Forgotten Tracks-3.99 euros

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