The best benefits and tips for Superman in Multiversus

So, you agreed with the theory that Superman is the strongest person in the world, but not quite sure how to use it? Well, here, in a multi-verse, everything works a little differently, since you have a fairly wide set of attacks, special and perks that can be used with your characters.

Along with all other characters in the game, Superman also has a huge number of perks to choose from, but it can be difficult to choose from them. Therefore, in this leadership we will consider some of the best perks that can be used with Superman in Multiversus.

The best benefits for Superman in Multiversus

Signature privileges: sniper blow

You can use the sniper blow perk to maximize the already valid power of Superman. He really strikes in terms of damage, but rather slow and ineffective in this.

This perk will allow him to aim better and make his strokes more effective by increasing the range of aiming strike. What is special in this perk is that it will not only allow Superman to increase the range of his aiming strike to almost four and a half blocks, but will also open the potential for a more efficient continuation of its next attacks.

In addition, along with an increase in its range, this also allows Superman to increase damage he inflicted and discarded at longer distances, but will slightly decrease at shorter distances.

perk slot 1: slippery client
Since Superman, of course, is quite strong in the attack, causing damage and discarding, it would be a reasonable option to choose the type of perca that slightly enhances its protection.

This bonus allows your team to get 10 % more than the invulnerability window to escape if they fall into a dense combo from several strokes.

In addition, this also allows you to increase this window by 15%if your ally also selects the perk.

perk Slot 2: Crypton skin
The skin made of the biggest weakness of Superman? Yeah, this perk allows Superman to become a super-tank! Since you will use his specialty in damage and protection in order to fight off from many enemies, this perk will allow you to add a little more resistance to the damage obtained at the same time.

What is special in this perk is that it not only allows your allies to receive 4% less damage if they fall into a trap of multicombs, but also summarizes the effect and reduces the amount of damage by another 6% if your ally chooses A perk that allows you to fight a little longer and changes the situation.

perk slot 3: Champion of the Foot Day
The Leg Day Champ perk can be used both in defense and as an offensive perk, which makes it universal in situations when you are either trying to avoid any types of shells such as Batterrang Batman, or strike air.

The best in this perk is that it not only allows your allies to increase the height of the jump by 10%, but the effects will also be summarized, increasing the height of the jump by a total of 15%if your ally chooses the perk.

Superman advice

To better understand the Superman play style, we first need to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Although it is quite strong from the point of view of the attack, causing crazy damage and discarding, you will often notice that he lacks speed.

Thus, the best way to play for Superman is to use his strengths, especially his special and neutral special, and use suitable perks to overcome his weaknesses depending on the type of opponents that he faces.

The above perks will be enough for the battle in most cases, but you can still confuse a little if you want to use the weakness of a certain enemy. For example, you can replace the break ice perk if you have to fight with an iron giant, since it is quite easy to freeze.

Although Superman has the ability to fly, you will be surprised to see that his flight options are not at the proper level, but he has a special one who can solve this problem-a special air down. Air Down Special can be used to cover a large area in extreme cases when you have little HP.

Along with the Air Down Special, you can also use the icy breath and air resistance of Superman to slow down the enemies and drag them into the corner of the aircraft, respectively. These two features are quite strong if you know how to use them.

Ice breathing is best used with allies, as it also allows your allies to slow the enemies using icy mittens, and air resistance can be used to quickly kill the enemies by holding them in a corner.

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