How many people play Warzone? 2022 COD Warzone number of players

Call of Duty has long become a popular franchise, so it is quite natural to ask about the performance of their individual projects. Released in 2020, Warzone caused a lot of noise on the Internet and all over the world. Is the number of players proportional to the number of conversations about the game? It seems that recently the number of active players per month exceeded 50 million.

How many people played in Warzone?

In June 2022, Charlieintel, an influential online blogger that monitors everything related to Call of Duty, said on Twitter that more than 125 million players have played from the moment of its release in March 2020. This number may not be as high as some other records in the franchise, such as Modern Warfare, but it is important to remember the character of Warz1. Cod Warzone is a free Battle Royale game, which means two things. Firstly, he has a lot of competition in a very popular video genre. Secondly, it is a departure from a typical style of COD games, which usually means that holding fans will be lower.


What is the number of active users in Warzone?

According to Active Player, a website that tracks the number of players in a particular video game, the average number of Cod Warzone players in 30 days from August to September. 2022-53 million . Using the same source, we can conclude that Warzone had the most active players in a month in February 2022, when it exceeded 60 million active users per month.

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