A Home Station for Steamdeck with SSD Bar M.22

The Valve Steamdeck portable console under Steamos is starting to win more and more in gamers while pre-orders made since the beginning of 2022 are gradually shipped.
Available in three models, 64 GB (499.00 CAD), 256 GB (659.00 CAD) and 512 GB (819.00 CAD), the largest criticism of this date console is the lack of storage space.
We can think that a big game like GTA V will occupy a lot of space.

Now solutions are shown by other manufacturers.
This is the case of the manufacturer of JSAUX technologies which announces that a news of a reception station for Steam Deck is available to be ordered.
To adjust the situation, the home station HB0604 has a location to place an SSD M.2 bar which allows players to add up to 2TB of storage.
It is also possible to connect a keyboard and a mouse via USB.

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