Andors new trailer is here

Only a few weeks after its premiere in Disney+, today, during the D23 event, a new trailer of Ardor was shared, the expected series starring Diego Luna, which shows us a Little more about the action we can expect from this production.

Together with the new characters, the trailer also takes a good look at some known faces, such as Mon Mothma, Caspian Ardor, and Saw Herrera . In this way, the next advance prepares us to see the birth of the rebellion, again.

Ardor_ will premiere in Disney+ on September 21 . That same day three episodes will be available, and then we will see one every week. During the D23 event, Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, said that 12 more episodes of the series are already in production, basically confirming that we will see a second season of this story.

Speaking of D23, here you can see the first trailer of the remake live action of La Marita. Similarly, there will be a prequel to the remake live action of El Ra lion.

Editor’s note:

Although the space between episodic III and IV can house hundreds of stories, the formation of the rebellion is something we have already seen on multiple occasions. Star Wars Rebels did a good job with this. Even rogue One gave this organization a good look, so I hope that ardor manages to offer something unique.

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