The translation Ali is scary to her! Love Horror ADV Case EX: Lovers Secret Released

Sounding Stone has launched the love horror adventure Case EX: Lover’s Secret at Steam.

This work is the ability to rewind time, and is a loop that faces the hidden lover x love horror adventure. You are a college student who made his first lover. However, it seems that lover Sui has a secret that cannot be said to others.

You are invited to your lover’s house, but you suddenly get attacked by someone after seeing something you shouldn’t see in her room, and when you wake up, you get the ability to rewind time. Try to avoid tragedy by using her abilities, whether to respect her privacy or to reveal her secrets.


At first, the selected actions are limited, but it is a game system that allows you to unlock new options by checking items and proceeding with stories, and there are 10 multi-ending. Each ending reveals your lover’s secrets one by one, and confine the truth by connecting those secrets.

Case EX: Lover’s Secret is on sale at Steam for Windows PC for 313 yen. In addition, there is a trial version, so if you are interested, why not try playing there?

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