turns 20 – Bennys evaluation: dual pass alone? Forget it!

Benjamin Blum

Also, if Benny finishes up at Gamer due to his sporting activities video game expertise, this is certainly far from his only field. There is also lots of area for multiplayer shooters like Fate, The Department or just recently Outriders in his player hearts. Somehow we always shot with him, whether on goal or on opponents.

But during the meeting with Gunnar as well as André, the possibilities unexpectedly raise since I would fill a space with my choice for sporting activities games in the editorial group. Quickly there will be the promise-on to Munich!

When I was sitting in the primary hall of the Leipzig Central Station and also waiting for the train to Munich, it has to have been in 2005. The Games Convention mores than and also lots of profession fair visitors, which you can easily see from pc gaming t shirts, are now driving home. Nonetheless, among them, probably in their very early 30s, does not most likely to the track, yet heads in the direction of me-and holds me a plaything excavator.

You are from Gamer, isn’t it?- like to, I state, and also really feel a pleasant pull in my head due to the fact that this moment is secured in your memory. The numerous wonderful encounters with readers are among the most stunning memories of the 3 and fifty percent years that I functioned as a long-term editor at Gamer.

Every beginning is easy-thanks to excellent coworkers

Gamer wedding anniversary
This post belongs to our anniversary week on the event of the 20th Gamer birthday celebration. You can find much more short articles in our overview.

Seldom is the term group so ideal, because the content group advises me of a football team at the time: the bosses as a trainer, then experienced powers like Henry, the young abilities like Bernd or simply steer me on the pitch. Not the very least our Kai, who already shapes the Gamer as a mixture of imaginative head and peace with inexhaustible nerd knowledge-and has remained devoted to his club in Uwe-Seeler fashion.

As a young professional, like the other young colleagues, I remain in good hands with Gamer. The editor-in-chief Gunnar and André educate us a great deal, yet above all motivate us to be brave. To attempt to make something in creating and do not continuously downgrade conventional text entrances or with the then common game tester speaking expressions such as software program cunts to toss us. Our magazine must have a solid point of view. And I think our team constantly did it.

a booklet is growing up

At the beginning of 2007, the private life succeeds me north, yet I can’t get rid of Gamer.

The many great experiences with visitors are among the most gorgeous memories of the three as well as a half year that I worked as a long-term editor at Gamer. Even if Benny ends up at Gamer because of his sports video game expertise, this is of training course far from his only field. As a young expert, like the other young associates, I am in great hands with Gamer. Not the very least our Kai, who currently forms the Gamer as a mixture of creative head and also harmony with limitless nerd knowledge-and has stayed dedicated to his club in Uwe-Seeler manner.

At the beginning of 2007, the private life prospers me north, however I can’t get rid of Gamer. As a freelance author, I can remain to see programmers such as Bungee, examination some game and, most of all, create the Retro Hall of Fame for over ten years. Participation, I see from afar over the years how the booklet ends up being grown-up without losing its initial personality.

Due to this lovely development as well as the several good memories, it is still enjoyable to be a (small) part of Gamer. As well as when I ultimately manage it personally to Munich once more, one or the other procedure in the beer garden will be intoxicated on the 20th Gamer birthday.

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