NBA 2K23 Secret Build – how to make a special replica of Kavay Leonard Claw

The NBA 2K23 MPlayer assemblies can take hours of operation and attributes settings to create an ideal player. Nevertheless, some players find that if you create an assembly that is very close to the NBA star, you can unlock a special assembly, as a reward for which the player will receive a pseudonym for use in Career.

The assembly of Kawhi Leonard is one of the best special assemblies for The Park and The Rec. While most remarks of replicas limit your MPlayer less effective attributes than conventional assemblies, assembly of Kawhi Leonard is a good choice for online games. Here’s how to create an assembly of Kauai Leonard Claw in the NBA 2K23.

Firstly, you need to compare these physical characteristics when creating MPlayer:

  • Position: Light forward
  • Growth: 6 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 225

  • Wing: 7 feet 3 inches
  • Jersey number: 2

Then you set your potential attributes so that they correspond to the assembly of Kathy as much as possible, but there is a little freedom of action in which attributes are set to obtain the assembly.

  • Close shot: 90
  • Simple driving: 85
  • Dank driving: 75
  • Standing Dank: 47
  • Post-control: 81
  • Average shot: 85
  • Tree Throw: 77

* Free Throw: 84
* Internal defense: 74
* Perimeter protection: 92
* Steal: 83
* Block: 52
* Rebound in attack: 35
* Rebound in defense: 74
* Speed: 80
* Acceleration: 77
* Strength: 74
* Vertical: 72
* Endurance: 90

You will want to compare these attributes or get closer to them to get a special assembly of The Claw. Potential attributes for this assembly make your player a double-sided monster with excellent protection and shooting at a medium distance. Other assemblies, such as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan, are more focused on finishing, while the assembly of Kāvya gives you more attacking universality.

After installing your potential attributes, you can choose the necessary captures, but for assembling Kathy, the Extreme Clamps, Drop Badge Drop, Post Shot Daggers and Negative Impact will be good options. As soon as your assembly is completed, you must be rewarded with the nickname The Claw, which will be displayed under your player in My career.

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