FIFA 23: Team of Week 1 (TOTW #1)

In our Guide to FIFA 23 TOW you can find out:

  • Which players made it into the current team of the FIFA 23 week
  • When you best invest in team of-the-week player
  • The predictions for the next team of the week

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FIFA 23: All information about the team of the week

The current team of the week in FIFA 23 (short: TDW or Tow) is put together from professional players who performed particularly well in the last match days.

The special thing: players who make it into the FIFA 23 team get a inform card with better values than their standard gold card. If a player makes it into the team of the week several times, he always gets a better IF card than the last time.

Every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. the new inform cards that announce which football players have made it into the team of the week will be released. Your FUT special cards can be drawn in packs for the period of seven days. During this time, the regular gold cards of the TOW players disappear from the packs.

TOW #1: This is the FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week 1

In the following you will find the squad of the FIFA Ultimate Team of Week #1 (TOW #1) in the overview:

FIFA 23 TOW #1 Association Position Valuation
Jeremiah Edema FC Cádiz TW (GK) 83
Harari Trade State Rennes RV (RB) 85
William Saliva FC Arsenal IV (CB) 83
Pablo Maghreb RCD Mallorca RAN (ROB) 82
Kevin de Bruyne Manchester City KM (cm) 92
Teri Bavarian Montpellier HSC Com (cam) 84
Jonas Hoffmann For. M’Playback RM 84
João Patina FC Fulham DM (CDM) 84
Heung-Min Son Tottenham LF (LAW) 90

Ciro Immobile | Lazio Rome | St | 87
Federico Valverde | Real Madrid | RF (RAW) | 86

FIFA 23 TOW #1 Association Position Valuation
Raghav Gikiewicz FC Augsburg TW (GK) 81
Mário Run SSC Naples LV (LB) 82
Domingo’s Duarte FC Getafe IV (CB) 81
Dacha Ramada Eintracht Frankfurt Com (cam) 83
Enzo Le Fee FC Lorient DM (CDM) 81
Cody Gap PSV Eindhoven LF (LAW) 85
Gerard Deployed Chinese Calico St 83
Filip Adenoid Legit Warsaw LV (LB) 77
Jack Diamond Lincoln City LM 75
Mousse Ditty Austin St 78

Scott Hogan | Birmingham City | St | 77
Actor Cantalapiedra | Panathinaikos | LF (LAW) | 80

Team of-the-week investments: When to buy and sell?

Since the regular gold cards of current team-of-the-week players are taken out of the packs, their market value increases during this period. The same applies to the market value of Tow Inform cards as soon as they disappear from the packs. As a result, you can earn many coins and coins in FIFA 23 with targeted investments.

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Do you want to get the maximum out of your information cards? Then you should only buy them on Tuesday night or on Wednesday . So just before the next Tow appears in FIFA 23. The biggest profits in resale usually achieved you between Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.

It is best to drive on Mondays or Tuesdays if you invest coins in the gold cards from TDW candidates . But which are the most promising candidates?

TOW #2-Predictions: Prediction to the Team of Week 2

As soon as the first predictions for the Team of the Week #2 are known, you will find out here.

TOW #2: When does the team of week #2 appear?

The next FIFA 23 team of the week (TOW #2) appears every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

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