Secured in the furniture store: this co -op motivated co -op.

Do you need to slip in the Swedish furniture store quickly?

Coop horror games like Dead by Daylight are preferred, due to the fact that along with friends sneaking it always works. The shop is closed , a video game that has just started at Kickstarter is also among these scary games. This time the setting is a unique one: a Star furniture store. Or instead an Ikea, due to the fact that it is apparent that the designers were influenced by the Swedish furniture chain.

not a crowded, but a scary Ikea store

Yes, you check out. In the game we are caught in an evidently boundless furniture store as well as have to dominate versus the workers. Instead of having to enforce us versus an ordinary cooking area organizer, we reach manage workers in the shop is close with employees who want us as a nasty mutant or beast.

In the children’s location there are so-called biters, frightening mannequins, where you far better not blink. You ought to also be mindful with TV golems and also particularly frightening department heads.

Here is the trailer for The Store is Closed:

survival with a sanctuary and also shelves

A survival in the Ikea is certainly not without proper tools, so there is also a chainsaw at The Store Is Closed that can be made use of to cut furniture as well as challengers like it. In enhancement, there is additionally the popular flamethrower as well as a planter that we can utilize to defeat via walls to escape the risk.

The objective of the game is to escape from the furniture shop active. To do this, we not only have to safeguard ourselves against the unpleasant staff members, we additionally have to collect food from the lunchroom and construct a safe basis.

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In addition to that, there is also a lot to discover. Make divisions float over the store as if by ghost hand as well as there is the dangerous pocket measurement, via which we can, as an example, enter back rooms.
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Throughout the video game we are making development. So eventually we can construct brand-new weapons, lethal buying swings as well as whole fortresses as a community with located items.

If all of this has made you interested, you can take a closer look at the Kickstarter project for The Store Is Shut and also prepare on your own once more on your next see to Ikea. The Shop Is Closed is anticipated to appear at the end of 2024 for the Xbox Series X/S, the PlayStation 5 and also the computer.

Do you quickly have to scary in the Swedish furniture shop?

The shop is closed , a game that has just begun at Kickstarter is additionally one of these scary video games. This time the setting is an extremely special one: a Star furniture store. In the video game we are caught in an obviously infinite furniture store and also have to prevail versus the staff members. Instead of having to apply us against an ordinary cooking area organizer, we obtain to deal with employees in the store is close with staff members who desire us as an unpleasant mutant or beast.

The aim of the video game is to escape from the furniture store to life.

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