Silent Hill: The Short Message is registered in Korea, new delivery to view?

New clues point to Silent Hill’s return. INAMI h not officially announced it, but the organism that clsifies games by age in South Korea h registered a new product of the saga in its system. you can read, This is Silent Hill: The Short Message , a title that will be distributed by Union in this territory (it is the usual distributor of INAMI in the country).

Nothing is known about the development study or the nature of the project, so we will have to wait until INAMI is pronounced in one or another direction. At the moment, the Japanese keep the secret and have not wanted to echo any of the leaks or rumors that have surrounded the brand in recent times.


Agreement between the creators of Layers of Fear and INAMI

It is an open secret that Blooper Team is working on Silent Hill. The study behind Layers of Fear, Blair Witch or The Medium h signed a collaboration agreement with the Japanese, with which they intend to combine the special characteristics and strengths of the study with those of INAMI to create content of great quality.

Another rumors that have recently sounded is that Blooper Team is immersed in the development of A Silent Hill 2 remake. In statements to IGN, the Piotr Babies CEO ruled out to confirm or deny this information:

We cannot comment on what we are doing because we appreciate our relationship with our partners, of course. So we can’t say anything. We will announce future projects soon we can . Then you will know much more officially, said Babies.

What is 100% confirmed is that director Christophe Fans, who already adapted Silent Hill to the cinema in 2006, will return to the saga with a new movie , scheduled for 2023. The filmmaker h shared the first details about the Film, that you can read in this news.

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