Disney Dreamlight Valley: All recipes for cooking

In our recipe guide to Disney Dream light Valley you can find out:

  • How to unlock new recipes
  • What recipes are there in Disney Dream light Valley
  • The ingredients for all apéritifs, main dishes and desserts

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How do I unlock new recipes in Disney Dream light Valley?

You get recipes in Disney Dream light Valley through quests or find them in the game world. However, you can also release recipes by trying it out ** without having found the recipe beforehand. Just throw all the required ingredients for a dish from the list in the bottom of the saucepan and start cooking. As a result, you automatically unlock the recipe for the cooked dish.

How do I cook in Disney Dream light Valley?

For cooking, you need a stove that you can get in the game in the course of the main quest pretty early. You then only need the right ingredients for the desired dish and a piece of coal per cooking process.

TIP : For many recipes you do not have to use a specific ingredient, but only an ingredient from a certain category. For example, you need any vegetables three times for the grilled vegetable plate.

all ape ritual

Recipe Ingredients
Eggplant rolls Eggplant, egg, cheese
Oyster plate Oyster, lemon
Chili pots Chili pepper, egg, cheese
Cracker Wheat
Cream soup Milk, potatoes, any spice, any vegetables
Erred herring Herring, lemon, onion, any spice
Slapped herring according to Arendelle-Art Herring, lemon, onion, garlic, any spice
Step Potato, any spice, any vegetables
Gazpacho Cucumber, tomato, onion, any spice
Fried mushrooms Mushroom, butter
Grilled vegetable plates 3x any vegetables (no salad)
Grilled vegetables 1x vegetables (chili pepper, eggplant, asparagus, corn, onion, pumpkin or seating)
Vegetable soup 2x any vegetables (no salad)
Roasted asparagus Asparagus, rapeseed
Large seafood plate 4x arbitrary seafood, lemon
Green salad Salad, any vegetables
Hard-boiled eggs egg
Potato balls Potato, egg, cheese
Potato soup with leek Leek, potato, milk, onion, mushroom
Cheese plate Cheese
Pumpkin balls Pumpkin, egg, cheese
Pumpkin soup Pumpkin, ginger, milk, any vegetables
Marinated herring Herring, onion
Seafood Apéritif any sea fruit
Seafood plate 2x arbitrary seafood
Okras soup okra
Paprika biscuits Paprika, egg, cheese
Fries Rapeseed, potato
Purée Potato
Raw food 1x vegetables (carrot, mushroom, cucumber, paprika or zucchini)
Salad salad
Soufflé Cheese, egg, milk, butter
Tomato soup tomato
Zucchini balls Zucchini, egg, cheese
Onion balls Onion, egg, cheese

all main dishes

Recipe Ingredients
Basil omelette Basil, egg, cheese, milk
Bouillabaisse Shrimp, tomato, any vegetables, 2x arbitrary seafood
Brat fish with fries any fish, wheat, rapeseed, potato
Mushroom pizza Mushroom, wheat, tomato, cheese
Creamy garlic-like-job mussels Jakobsmussel, lemon, butter, garlic
Hearty salad Salad, 2x any vegetables
Simply fried river River, wheat, butter
Peanut butter sandwich Peanut, wheat
Fish in salt crust any fish, lemon
Fish casserole Any fish, wheat, butter
Fish rolls any fish, wheat
Fish salad Any fish, lemon, salad
Fish steak any fish, tomato, basil
Fish soup Any fish, any vegetables (no salad), milk
Fisch-Tacos Any fish, corn, chili pepper, cheese
Fugu-Sushi Fugue, rice, algae
Baked carp Carp, butter
Fried rainbow trout Rainbow trout, onion, tomato
Fried panties Meaning devil, tomato, potato, zucchini
Damped Fugue Fugue, garlic, ginger
Grilled fish any fish
Grilled fish as the main course Any fish, any vegetables (no onion)
Vegetable casserole Cheese, 2x any vegetables, any spice
Vegetable stew Onion, carrot, potato
Vegetable pate Any vegetables, wheat, butter
Vegetable skewers Mushroom, zucchini, onion, paprika
Smoked peanuts and angle devil Peanut, angle devil
Greek pizza Wheat, tomato, cheese, onion, any spice
Gumbo Okra, tomato, onion, chili pepper, shrimp
Oat oatmeal Wheat, milk
Oat oatmeal with fruits Wheat, milk, any fruit
Hummer roll Lobster, wheat, lemon, butter, garlic
In aluminum foil cooked pike perch Wander, basil, oregano, any vegetables
In the pan fried cichlid with vegetables Colored, 2x any vegetables
Fried wolf bass with vegetables in the pan Perch, 2x any vegetables
Kappa Make Seeing, cucumber, rice
Carpet salad Carp, lettuce, lemon
Cheese-crispy baked cod Cod, wheat, cheese
Crispy baked cod Cod, wheat
Delicious vegetables Any vegetables, any spice
Creole fish Any fish, any vegetables, garlic, rice, tomato
Krone’s spin roles Spinal, cheese, rapeseed
Lanzettfisch-Paella Lance fish, shrimp, tomato, rice, any sea fruit
Leek soup Leek
Delicious salad Salad, cucumber, any vegetables, any spice
Mauro Sushi Tuna, rice, seating, ginger
Make Fish, seating, rice
Mediterranean salad Cucumber, tomato, onion, salad, any spice
Seafood pate any sea fruit, wheat, butter
Seafarer salad any sea fruit, salad
Sea fruits soup any sea fruit, 2x any vegetables
Salmon glazed with cider Salmon, apple, sugar cane
Mussel soup Any sea fruit, any vegetables, milk, potato
Mushes Congee Rice, egg, mushroom, garlic, ginger
Noodles Wheat, tomato
Noodles with fish Any fish, garlic, wheat, milk
Noodles with vegetables Tomato, wheat, any vegetables
Noodles with seafood any sea fruit, wheat, milk
Omelet Egg, milk, cheese
Spicy baked bream Break, chili pepper, butter
Pizza Wheat, tomato, cheese
Pizza Margherita Wheat, tomato, cheese, any spice
Poached basil butter story White sturgeon, basil, lemon, butter
Ranch salad Salad, paprika, corn, tomato, onion
Ratatouille (guide with all ingredients foundations) Zucchini, onion, any spice, tomato, eggplant
Risotto with fish Any fish, rice, butter
Smart egg Egg, cheese
Sake Make Salmon, seating, rice
Sake Sushi Salmon, rice
Stone Mullein Sion, wheat, butter, lemon
Spaghetti Arrabbiata Wheat, tomato, chili pepper
Sushi Fish, rice
Sweet-Saures Königsfisch-Steak Königsfisch, lemon, sugar cane
Tamagoyaki Egg, sugar cane
Tea Make Tuna, soy, seating, rice
Teriyaki salmon Salmon, soy, rice, ginger, sugar cane
Tuna burger Tuna, lemon, onion, wheat, any vegetables
Vegetarian pizza Wheat, cheese, tomato, 2x any vegetables

Vegetarian Taco | Corn, chili pepper, cheese, any vegetables
Starter | Any spice
Lemon-bumped sword fish | Sword fish, lemon, garlic

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all desserts

Tip: For some desserts you can take something to sweeten. You cannot find this category in your collection, but only in the cooking menu. This includes cocoa beans, sugar cane or vanilla .

Recipe Ingredients
My hero biscuit 1x sweets (vanilla or cocoa bean), wheat, butter
Apple pie Apple, wheat, butter
Applebee Apple, sugar cane, slush ice cream
Auroras cake any fruit, wheat, sugar cane, egg, milk
Kaiser cake Lemon, butter, wheat, egg
Banana ice cream Banana, milk, sugar cane, slush ice cream
Banana cake (guide with all ingredients) Banana, wheat, butter
Banana split Banana, milk, sugar cane, slush ice cream, any sweet
Berry salad Raspberry, gooseberry, blueberry
Biscuit biscuits Wheat, butter, sugar cane
Blue cake Blueberry, wheat, butter
Crêpe Milk, vanilla, wheat, egg
Simple snow cone Slush ice cream
ESTATE any fruit, slush ice cream, sugar cane
Peanut butter waffles Peanut, egg, wheat, milk
Fruchtsorbet Slush ice cream, any fruit
Peg cream and fruits 3x any fruits, sugar cane, milk
Birthday cake Egg, butter, sugar cane, wheat, cocoa bean
Gray stuff Sugar cane, cocoa bean, any milk product
Wedding cake Vanilla, sugar cane, butter, wheat, egg
Caramel apples Apple, sugar cane

Carrot cake | Carrot, sugar cane, wheat, egg
Cheesecake | Cheese, wheat, sugar cane, any fruit
Cherry cake | Cherry, wheat, butter
Coconut cake | Coconut, wheat, sugar cane, egg
Coconut ice cream | Coconut, milk, sugar cane, slush ice cream
Jam waffles | any fruit, wheat, egg, milk
Kraken | Rapeseed, wheat, egg, sugar cane
Mint candy | Mint, sugar cane
Mint chocolate | Mint, cocoa bean, sugar cane, butter
Mint sorbet | Mint, slush ice cream
Fruit salad | any fruit
Red fruit cake | Raspberry, wheat, butter
Red Fruit Sorbet | Raspberry, gooseberry, slush ice cream, sugar cane
Sour snow cone | Slush ice cream, lemon, sugar cane
Snowewitches gooseberry cake | Gooseberries, wheat, butter
Chocolate biscuits | Wheat, sugar cane, butter, cocoa bean
Chocolate ice cream | Milk, slush ice cream, cocoa bean, sugar cane
Chocolate waffles | Cocoa bean, milk, wheat, egg
Shake | any milk product (no eggs or cheese)
Sweet Sorbet drink | Any sweet, slush ice cream
Sweets | arbitrary sweets
Tropical Limo | any fruit, coconut, sugar cane, slush ice cream
Vanilla ice cream | Vanilla, milk, sugar cane, slush ice cream
Waffles | Sugar tube, egg, wheat, milk
Wonderland cookies | Vanilla, sugar cane, butter, wheat
Lemon sorbet | Lemon, slush ice cream

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