After what time can you collect a hunting trap in Lost Ark

Kraft in Lost ARK does not matter much, but the collection of resources has many important connections with other parts of the game. Many valuable weekly tasks and tasks of guilds require the collection of resources, while you need to collect in order to get the objects of collecting world wood leaves. As the hunting level increases, Hunting TAP is available. Here we will explain how long you can assemble a hunting trap in Lost Ark.

How do Lost Ark hunting traps work?

Hunting traps can be arranged in certain places on maps, where hunting is a real collection skill. As soon as you acquired the ability of the hunting trap on the hunt 30 level Places and trap will clearly shown on your map . You can put only one trap at a time, but you can leave the region and return to collect it later. To get awards, you need to wait 15 minutes before you collect your hunting trap. When everything is ready, you will need to collect a trap for 45 minutes. You can see how much time you have left (both before it becomes available and before the expiration of its validity), by by clicking the bell icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

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Whether hunting traps are the actual method of collecting resources depends on personal preferences. Traps consume much more vital energy (1000 per trap) than the traditional method (90), and you get much less common resources. In addition, rewards for catching traps are not counted in quests for example, the tasks of RNA. You also get less experience for life energy (1.8 versus 2.5). Nevertheless, they take much less time, especially if you have other actions that you can take in this area while your trap is installed.

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