Violation of the Acheng Law, Stove Indie Sano Rock Game Rating Rejection

The love game San Boy, which was scheduled to launch the domestic indie game platform stove indie, was rejected by the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee). Stop Indie explained that the game was judged by the game that certain contents in the game were violated by the Acheson Act.


Stove Indie announced on the 29th that San Boy was rejected on the official website of the Stove Indie. Regarding the game decision, Stove Indie said that a character dressed in school uniforms appeared in the school, and that the contents and settings in the game were found to be a fiction, considering that the setting is fiction. I explained.

Stop Indie asked if he could modify the images and texts in the game and be deliberated, but he was finally rejected and explained that the game could not be released in korea.

On the other hand, Saga Location is a beautiful girl game launched in 2015 by Use Soft, a Japanese girl game developer, and deals with anecdotes that Hosing Shoji, the hero of her mysterious power, meets several girls.

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