The STEAM version CHAOS; HEAD NOAH, which was discontinued, will be released! Released on October 8th as scheduled

Spike Chen Soft has announced that the Steam version Chaos; Head NOAH , which was decided to be released the other day, will be released on October 8, 2022, as originally planned.

The company has announced that Valve has received the following comments.

The Valve Content Review Team has a re-verification of Chaos; Head NOAH, which recently decided on the reject, and will approve sales in the original without correction. We will review the issues of the screening process in Chaos; Head Noah and will work hard to prevent this in the future.

This work was explained that if the game was corrected to the game according to the prescribed Steam guideline, the game would be significantly impaired when the Steam version was discontinued.


In the past, Hiroshi When They Cry ** was not allowed in the past, but visual novel works have gained a great deal of power in Steam Green light and so on, so it has been released over many years. There is also a history that has been d1. Valve may be overturned by the community’s reaction.

Chaos; Head Noah is a consumer version that adds additional elements to Chaos; Head released in 2008. This is the first work of the Science Adventure Series known for Steins; Gate. Tatum Said, a second-year-high school student one step forward, is involved in a series of bizarre murders in Shibuya.

In addition, the editorial department asks Valve, which is operated by Steam, about the details of the review process, which has been changed by this series of turmoil. We will deliver it as soon as there is a follow-up report.

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