SEASON Destroyed World Memory -Experience Naratical ADV that depicts your own travelbook [Steam NEXT Fes]

Season-A Letter to the Future-, the second work of Canada-based indieveropper SCAVENGERS STUDIO, is an impressive natural ADV with banddecine art style.

Bicycle journey, destruction world, and there are little information that is currently revealed, and I can not imagine what kind of journey it will be. Due to the nature of this type of game, that is the fun of playing. In the studio previous work DARWIN PROJECT, it is noteworthy what kind of evaluation can be obtained in standalone works because it ended with unwilling results. In the demonstration distributed at the Steam Next Festival, you can experience travel books and tools that record your trip.

The stage where you can play is Chapter 3, the friends of the village who lived, the parting of her mother, and the hero woman greeted the morning. We will record each of the plazas that have not been cleared after the party, and one of them in travel books.

First, the player looks back on the event last night. The key to memories, such as photos and sketches, is compiled as souvenirs and pasted on travel books. Did you talk about your mother’s photos and stuffed animals last night? It can be reduced and rotated freely, and it is possible to redo the editing later. First, let’s put it appropriately.

When a certain number is placed, the hero talks about the monologue looking back on the scene. Then, what can be placed on the page is even more unlocked, and you can make a page with more elements than words and decorations. Each word is linked to the souvenirs, and it is put together with specific thoughts. The space is limited, so the players will make a variety of travel books by players.

Now that you know how to summarize the records, we will start collecting souvenirs. The protagonist collects sketches, pick-ups, photos, and audio on the stage. If you record a specific thing in it, a page according to one theme will be created and completed by collecting the specified objects. The demonstration version investigates Dr. Audio, which treats mysterious illness in the village.

Mainly used equipment is a recorder and a camera. When walking around the city, there are various objects that you care about, so press the button and start it. The point of this work is that the voice of the recorder is completely left to the player. Although the sound is prepared in advance in many games, Season records the position and length of the player as it is. It’s plain, but it’s a pretty important part because the player reminds me of the feeling of operation together when I listen to it later.

The camera is a square Polaroid, with a zoom, focus, and filter. You can easily shoot like a snap, or shoot beautifully with an elaborate composition, or a difference in the player’s stance. It seems interesting to compare what you took with other people. You can see the morning sun rising from the square on the hill. If you put it in the frame, it will create a good atmosphere.

If you shoot an important thing and register it as a souvenir, one end of the world will be gradually revealed with the monologue. If you prepare the stages specified, the information about the location will be compiled, and a new description will be added to the travel book.

Dr. Audio seems to have treated the mysterious illness of dream disease, memory excess, and time misunderstanding, and seems to be a major threat outside the village. After a ritual last night, the description that the mother’s memory will protect will also be strange, and it will never be a fun journey.

Once you’ve done what you do in Faro Village, it’s time to leave. Take a bicycle prepared by a friend and follow the road without returning. By pressing L2 and R2 alternately, you can hit the bicycle and accelerate. During the downhill, there is momentum, and for a while, I will run with a smoothness while feeling the wind. Now, this demonstration is over to the next city. There will be a climbing slope soon, so it will be difficult at that time, but you will be rowing hard.

Although it was a short prologue to try out the functions, as the subtitle letter to the future was the subtitle, I sometimes close my eyes on those who would be lost in the future. There aren’t many game-like plays, but if you can expand your imagination from a short sentence, or if you can take care of your walking time without being impatient, you will surely find something on a slow trip.

Season-A Letter to the Future- is under development for PS5/PS4/PC.

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