Valorant: All the skins, sprays and cards of the battle of acting 3 of episode 5

The arrival of a new act in Valorant always means news in the game, including a renewed battle pass . Riot Games repeats one of the traditions that have always been met on its SPF by adding 50 new levels , as well as epilogues, to unlock all types of content including weapons skins, sprays, cards and radian ite points, so you can evolve and modify your favorite weapons.

As usual, the rewards of the pass will follow the usual scheme, being divided into a free trial and one exclusive for paying players. Obviously, most cosmetics will be available only to players who are willing to open their pockets and pay at 1,000 VPs, about $39.90 in most payment methods available. Of course, it will be possible to get the traditional free weapon at level 50. In this case, it will be the Ghost Starlit Odyssey , which will have variants.

All battle pass skins-act 3 of episode 5


The new battle pass includes three lines of cosmetic adding a total of 12 unreleased skins and a knife to our collection.

Indian Thorn

These weapons have no color variants.

Runic Stone

A collection of visually colored skins.

Starlit Odyssey

This is one of the most beautiful collections of the pass, as it has several colors to customize these weapons.

You should also keep an eye on card number 48 , as it gives us clues about which new agent or map will come in the next act, as well as other characters who reach the game. For Harbor, we received the sea tip, as the water is the main item of the character kit.

Valorant’s new pass will be available from of October 18, 2022, with the arrival of the new act and the introduction of the new agent Harbor.

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