LOL – Worlds 2022: Faker enlarges his legend in the competitive with this data after the group stage

The youngest may not realize, but they currently have the honor of seeing Faker acting at their highest level. The Korean is no longer very young (26 years) and every year he passes is a sign that his retirement is approaching, especially with the mandatory military service of his country.

The Midland is a living legend and the League of Legends fans would do well in not missing a detail of his appearances. The triple world champion that aspires to a fourth title this year has also beat a couple of records that no one will be able to reach. One of them is that he became the player with the most murders in the history of Worlds.

350 murders in the history of the World Cups

T1 Surprisingly lost to FANATIC in the first week of Main Event. During the match, Humanoid had played excellent, while Faker had been completely silenced after several Yankees. But for the second leg, the Koreans took revenge. The Midland T1 had a difficult start, before recovering well with his Silas to finish the game with 6 deaths.

He thus exceeds the 350 deaths symbolic bar in his passage through Worlds since 2013. It is simply exceptional and no one is able to compete with such statistics… for many, participating once in the World Cup is already a success in itself. While T1 could go far in the tournament, the 400 deaths mark could be overcome this year.

Keep in mind that this number is even more noticeable, since he has never played the play-in in the World Cup. Therefore, he did not cross his way with teams considered less strong that generally serve him as helped. When we examine his career, we find:

  • 80 murders in Worlds 2013 (champion)
  • 55 murders in Worlds 2015 (champion)
  • 82 murders in Worlds 2016 (champion)
  • 45 murders in Worlds 2017 (final)
  • 51 murders in Worlds 2019 (semifinal)
  • 26 murders in Worlds 2021 (semifinal)

The current edition is ongoing, and the Korean already accumulates 21 additional murders after his passage in the main event. How far can he go?

Group leader in all its appearances

Being a relentless murderer is not the only record that Faker has in his pocket, also one that demonstrates something we had not seen before with another team that was not T1. And it is that the demon king, every time he has gone to Worlds, has managed to finish the Main Event in first position and with a maximum of a defeat on the scoreboard:

  • Worlds 2013: First place 7-1

  • Worlds 2015: First place 6-0
  • Worlds 2016: First place 5-1
  • Worlds 2017: First place 5-1
  • Worlds 2019: First place 5-1
  • Worlds 2021: First place 5-1

And besides, apart from continuing with this great streak, he has finally managed to overcome one of his greatest nemesis since 2019: Under. The Fanatic To planer had not yet known the defeat against T1 until last night, when Zeus, Owner and company applied a sensational legend of legends to reduce Fanatic’s opportunities in the group stage.

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