The epic seon final trailer of the dragon house anticipates a colossal battle of dragons

The Dragon House , the successful series of the universe Game of Thrones that adapts the adventures and misadventures of the Targaryen house narrated in the novel Sanger y Fuel, faces its end of the seon with an epic trailer Of its lt episode that already anticipates what is coming with the call Dance of dragons , the civil war between the different factions of a family of excessive ambitions. And it is that next Sunday (early Monday in Spain), house of the dragon will premiere its Chapter 10 of its seon 1 ; And the progress of the same that you can see on these lines cannot be more promising. We warn of Spoilers about the recent episode 9 and the first seon in general from the following paragraph.


The dragon’s house faces its seon finale

And it is that after the events lived in the recent episode 9, entitled The Green Council, the side headed by Aliment h not taken to crown his son Argon Targaryen the new king of the seven kingdoms after the Death of King Misery. Although with the spectacular escape of Hands Targaryen on the back of an imposing dragon, he predicts what we all expect: the movement of Chandra Targaryen , legitimate heiress to the iron throne, and the one of her uncle of her and husband of her Daemon Targaryen .

So much so, that this first look at the final episode of seon 1 of The dragon’s house We can see how each side takes positions and even face their colossal dragons in between. And promises to be the most spectacular episode of the series to date, which is not little. And we can see that together with Daemon the dragon appears for the first time Either , one of the most powerful and fearsome that until now had not made an appearance. The thing promises.

The final episode of The Dragon House can be seen early on Sunday 23 to Monday, October 24 from 3 in the morning, thus coinciding with its premiere in the United States. It will touch it.

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