Turn -based strategy Doll Explorer Steam Store Page Release to build actions such as movement and attacks -Break a dangerous dungeon in which gold and silver treasures sleep!

Japanese individual game developer PICO Games has released a Steam store page of the turn strategy Doll Explorer .

This work is a work that builds your own actions on the deck and aims to break the dungeon. Set in a dangerous dungeon full of gold and silver treasures, the main character witch Tier, the dolls of the magical creatures, and the Hellhound Lilith, set in a dangerous dungeon full of monsters.

In the dungeon, we will combine cards with effects such as jump, move forward, and attack to defeat monsters and search for treasures. There are more than 20 kinds of behavioral cards, and some combos will also occur depending on the combination.

In adventures, there are also support elements such as magic that is useful for capture and dishes that have the effect of increasing card selection frames. In addition, there is a system that enhances the character with materials obtained by battle and search. In order to conquer powerful monsters and bosses waiting for dungeons, strategies are important as well as enhancement of characters.

Doll Explorer will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam). Doll Explorer Prologue, which allows you to experience the game system and world view of this work, is currently being distributed for free on Steam.

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