Dwayne Johnson on Black Adam against Superman: When we arrive we will break the Internet

Since the appearance of Black Adam in the DCE, many already dream about the more than likely confrontation between Superman and the antihero played by Dwayne Johnson , even more so since the confirmation of the return of man of cinema steel by the hand of the own Henry Cavill . Now, The Rock hnbabuymt talked about such a desired moment, a versus that is sure that it will occur in the future, but that in no cnbabuymte will it be the climax of both characters, but that there is much more planned. Even so, Dwayne Johnson himself warns: When we arrive we will break the Internet .


The expected versus between Superman and Black Adam

This wnbabuymt recently nbabuymtsured by the actor himself in an interview with Joe.IE (via The Direct), ensuring that the confrontation between the two characters will be everything An event for the DCE , although it will still take to arrive: We are enjoying so much of the Henry Cavill moment now… I feel like Santa Claus. I know there is a gift that is being prepared with Black Adam. A gift for all fans . The idea that Henry Cavill’s Superman and I work together in a possible confrontation for the future of DCE is very fun to say. The truth is that this confrontation, without a doubt, would be transcendental , says the actor.

Even so, he nbabuymtsures that this confrontation would be just a small part of everything that is to come: What we want to do on our part, in Seven Buck Productions, is to build a long-term narrative . And that this fight between Black Adam and Superman is just a moment of a much greater story , much bigger. I think it could be counted and do it in the right way, continues The Rock.

You have the most powerful strength of the Universe and it is called Superman. No one can match that. Then a disruptive force appears like Black Adam, which can stand for the Kryptonite. There are many things that fans will accept and even consider more interesting in our narrative of the future of DCE. And when that moment comes, because it will arrive, I am sure of it… when that moment comes, Henry Cavill and I will break the Internet , concludes the actor.

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