Interchain NFT Hava, 3rd Planet Node NFT Free Sale

[ Moon Byung-soo] Interchain NFT platform Hara announced on the 1st that ‘Planet Node NFT’ has sold out a total of $420,000, a total of $420,000.

The Planet Node NFT is a key maintenance device of the Have ecosystem, and the planet owners become governance and receive Have Coin (HVH) as a reward. Free Sale 1st and 2nd were conducted by competitive mining for users with white list. The first free sale achieved a complete version in two minutes.

After the second pre-sale, which was held every week, the last 3rd pre-sale was expanded to the participation of community users by expanding the purchase target for white list holders and general users.

Have cited, especially for the reason for the success of the pre-sale, designed the ‘node token-toknomics’. Have’s node NFT ‘Planet’ is designed with a structure in which the token of a public buyer’s token is distributed before the tokens mined on a planet sold in private sale. The community’s response to the public-friendly genomics structure was great for public buyers, which means that it was soon completion. Kaaba plans to continue its success by preparing public sales for all users in the future.

After finishing the free sale, ABA is preparing for various services as revealed on the roadmap. It will be released sequentially the details of the SF Robot strategy game that utilizes the P2C project, the PFP NFT, and the PFP NFT, and the SF robot strategy game that uses NFT.

LIM Young-gwang, CEO of the ABA Project, said, It is true that the market situation is difficult to be expressed as winter, but I was able to feel the expectations of the Hara community during the free sale. Partners will also be released.

Have, meanwhile, is an interchain NFT platform that allows users to use NFT issued for the purpose of games, art, and social in various chains regardless of the chain. Users use NFTs in Binance or Clayton Chain in Have in games and social activities, and can be replaced by NFT regardless of the chain.

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