[Todays Steam] All from the beginning, the new world New World 2nd heyday

New World, which has been updated on the 18th, will start a new region. Along with the opening of the Fresh Start World, it was ranked second in the world with a 50% discount, and the simultaneous users were over 100,000.

Fresh Start World is a new server that starts New World. Apart from the existing server, all users must rebuild the character and grow from the beginning. The recently added Brimstone area is also open, and the developer plans to move the characters created by Fresh Start World to the existing server.

New World has improved quests, including the story with the Brimstone Update. In addition, the steam user evaluation, which once went to hell with steady updates, is also turning in a positive direction. A 50% discount with a new server is believed to be the top sales.

Perhaps because of the news that everyone starts under the same conditions from the beginning, New World has risen to eighth with 11,390 concurrent users on the 3rd. Considering that it fell to 10,000 units in July, it is worth the second heyday.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 was also ranked third with an 88% discount. The Black Desert was seventh with Gris’s heat collection and improvements.

In the TOP 20, the best concurrent user, Apex Legend updated 15 seasons, ranking third with 40,728 concurrent users. Lost Arc fell to sixth place, with a decrease of about 40,000 people from the previous day.

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