AI drawing wolf AI Art Imposter Start early access distribution for Steam/smartphone. Finding a fake using illustration generation AI

On November 4, the domestic game development company pocket pair has launched early access to AI Art Imposter . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/iOS/Android. The price is 520 yen including tax for the Steam version. The iOS/Android version is scheduled to be distributed free of charge, but it is currently an invitation system for server load testing.

AI Art Imposter is a drawing party game that allows AI to draw illustrations to find outs of friends. In the world of this work, artists drawing in AI were preparing illustrations in line with the theme for the exhibition. However, some participating artists do not know the theme of one person. In this work, the player participated in the game as one of the participating artists at the exhibition. Looking at the illustrations drawn by other artists, you will find a fake artist (imposter).

In this work, the player first prepares an exhibition illustration as an artist. For AI, use the functions in the game to give instructions in sentences and generate illustrations. AI will show some candidates according to the instructions, so one of them will be selected as an illustration for exhibition.


Next, the artists show each illustration they have prepared and guess who is a fake artist who does not know the theme. When everyone showed off two illustrations, we voted for players who think they are fake artists. If a fake artist is voted, the artists who know the theme will win. However, if a fake artist assigns a theme, it will be a reversal of the fake side.

In other words, in this work, the artist infer a fake while not being able to realize the theme as a fake. Fake artists will infer the theme while hiding their identity. The so-called drawing was wolf has a play that incorporates the latest technology of Illustration with AI.

In this work, it supports online multiplayer from three to eight people. In addition to matching with someone in the world, multiplayer is possible between players who know the room code. It is also compatible with multi-platforms, and it is said that PC (Steam)/iOS/Android players can participate in the same game. In addition, one play time is about 5 minutes, and it seems that you can proceed to the next game, regardless of the victory or loss.

According to the press release, the iOS/Android version of this work is currently an invitation system for a server load test. If you want to play with the iOS/Android version, you need to enter the invitation code. It seems that you can play from a smartphone by receiving a code from a player who purchased the Steam version or a player invited by the iOS/Android version.

This work expects about one year as an early access distribution period. As of the current content of distribution, it includes the contents introduced in this article, more than 280 themes, 20 kinds of player avatars, and 14 types of art styles that change the AI style. For the official release, we plan to improve QOL (ease of play) and add content such as new game modes and art styles. It is said that the price may rise slightly during the official release or in the meantime.

AI Art Imposter is being distributed early for 520 yen including tax for PC (Steam). The iOS/Android version is currently an invitation system, and the basic play fee is free.

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