LOL: The mistake of thousands of players with KSante who is ruining the champions debut

New champions who come to League of Legends usually have a low victory rate, after all, in the early days after a character’s debut players are more likely to make all types of errors and take time to learn to use the kit skills. It is easy to miss items or not completely understand mechanics. It’s something we have seen again now that k’Santa has come to Summoner’s Rift. However, and although we don’t want to be alarmists, the truth is that the situation with the new champion has been particularly problematic .

the error with k’Santa that is condemning thousands of players

The first day of K’Santa in League of Legends was summarized in a 38.9% victory rate . We want to insist that this data is not yet particularly worrying, because we have had many premieres of champions, and we know that it will improve over the days, although it may need a small boost. The problem, however, is that some of these bad numbers are motivated by a very easy reality to understand: many players have not even stopped to see how the champion exactly works before entering the ranked ones.

If we take a look at the statistics accumulated by the new champion during the time elapsed since its release, we can see that in one in four games players decide if sabotaging . This is about the number of times players choose proportionally conqueror as the main rune. A choice that not only does not help the character, but also shows a great lack of understanding of its functioning. Something less repeated, although even more severe, is the use of mythical damage items. In this sense, the most common stumble is with the divine raptor .

The problem with any of the above is that they focus on attack damage, an attribute that offers zero power to K’Santa . Only two of the champion’s skills improve based on attack damage in its normal form, which are Q (Too blows) and R (unrestricted form), whose damage increases in an amount of 40% of AD. It is a very low amount that gives rise to paradoxical situations. One of the most obvious is that the damage we receive with the activation of Q is larger if we have two rag collections in our inventory than if we equate with a pair of long swords.

Given the circumstances, betting on runes or damage items is a bad decision. K’Santa’s kit is designed in such a way that it needs to buy armor and magic resistance. In this sense, would just take a look at the description of skills to avoid making a mistake that is repeating in every link of LOL. Of course, it is more common in the gold or silver , happening to one in four players, but in the diamond or higher is one in five that falls into this trap.

It is expected that, over the days, the situation normalizes. However, it is something that serves to revive an eternal debate. Should the new champions be available in ranked matches at launch? Riot Games says it doesn’t matter, as League of Legends players would wait for the champion to be released in the ranked to try them for the first time. However, we would save ourselves from this kind of error that makes games very difficult because our teammate has not even read the skills.

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