Dofus Touch 1.57, brand-new Roublard spell as well as harmonizing

The brand-new 1.57 update from Doffs Touch reveals brand-new very vital spell balancing. Hence, uncover all these modifications as well as what they entail on the power of their course.

A new overpowered Foulard spell

Foulard’s opposite destiny will certainly be erased for a new spell with a yet introduced name. Its impacts are recognized and resemble a subdued spell already available on Doffs Computer.

Rebounds: allows you to relocate the bombs online and diagonally, while raising their combo perk.

Theoretically, this spell effect is really comparable to the cross destiny of the Foulard on Doffs computer which is subdued on the Foulard. Furthermore, if it is possible to utilize boot as well as magnetization in enhancement to assure fluid bombs.

All changes and also spell harmonizing

Alteration of the CRA spells

Tactical tags: The Master CORBA spells no longer permit the CRA to exceed the restriction of tactical beacons.

Taupe eye: In the event of an important impact on a tactical actor, this important impact is currently appropriately reflected on the various other signs.

dam arrow: The damages inflicted when the launcher remains in guardian is lowered to each degree (on the second line of damage).

Modification of Foulard spells

Reversals: The spell is replaced by a spell allowing to relocate the bombs online as well as diagonally. In enhancement, it increases their combination perk.

Powder: Abandon a fight no longer enables the bombs worried to blow up as well as to offer victory to the launcher.

overload: The spell is changed by a spell allowing to use a guard to bombs in the impact z1. In enhancement to increasing their combination perk.

Adjustment of neutron spells

Panama spells

awkwardness: Overall the withdrawal of PM in rank 6 is decreased: 3→ 2 The number of throws per count on place 6 is raised: 3→ 4.

blinding shovel: The damages set off during a series of variety is enhanced to rank 6: 10-12→ 12-14.

Schnapps: The damage is raised at each degree:

  • The variety of launches per turn is now distributed as complies with: 2/2/3/ 3/4/4;.
  • The number of target throws is now distributed as follows: 1/1/1/ 2/2/2/ 2;.
  • The maximum variety of spell is reduced: 2/3/4/ 5/7→ 2/3/3/ 4/4/5. This range is constantly flexible.

That’s it for the harmonizing of the upgrade. They are not as essential as others this year, partially since of the overhaul of class panoplies.

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  • Rang 1: 26-28→ 29-31
  • Rang 2: 27-29→ 30-32
  • Rang 3: 28-30→ 31-33
  • Rang 4: 29-31→ 32-34
  • Rang 5: 31-33→ 34-36
  • Rang 6: 35-37→ 38-40

Sacrifice: The fate currently uses the perfusion to the Allies in the area of effect for 1 lap.


FULGURATE: The damages incentive for every target went across is raised: 7→ 9.

Vulnerability .

Modification of Scarier spells .

You can find our various other articles on all the brand-new attributes of this new upgrade for more information.

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