[Todays Steam] The game of the demon, the FM 2023

Football Manager 2023 (FM 2023), which began to try earlier on October 21, was ranked 3rd in the world’s highest sales with its official launch.

In this work, the players’ recruitment process was reorganized and refined more realistically. In addition, the new animation engine, which has been introduced since its predecessor, has been optimized, and the movement of the players in the game has become softer.

The FM 2023 is the latest football club management simulation game football manager series, which aims to win the team and win the team. In addition to real players, realistic system elements are characterized by being immersive enough to be nicknamed ‘Demon Game’ and ‘Divorce Maker’.


In addition, the first series was signed for the official UEFA license. The Champions League, the Europa League, the Europa Conference League, and the Super Cup were implemented the same as the actual competition to increase the immersion. The steam user evaluation ‘Very positive (2,072 participation, 86% positive)’ seems to be receiving a good response from fans.

Meanwhile, Sonic Frontier rose to second place a day before the launch of Steam, and the new Soul stone Survivor, a vampire survival style, was ranked fourth. Warhammer: Burning Tide 2 was ranked 6th with 80% sale after the end of free distribution.

In the top 20, the top 20, the football manager was 46,387, gaining 19th place, proving its popularity. Battlefield 1 was 53,714, ranking 17th, updating the simultaneous users.

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