Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ice Office Guide

Helping Anna to join your village at the end of the quest in the pursuit of the wind, she instructs you to bring her sister Elsa to the village, as well as launch the Ice invitation quest in Disney Dream light Valley. However, before you can visit the Elsa, you need to complete several tasks.

In this leadership, we will show you how to fulfill the Ice Office quest at Disney Dream light Valley.

Passage of an ice invitation

When you talk with Anna, she will discuss which place is best to find for Elsa so that she feels at home. As soon as the conversation ends, you must follow her to the bridge in the forest of valor. Unfortunately, the bridge is blocked by three stumps.

Again, talk with Anna and get the task to find a book in her house that will help you get rid of three stumps. Therefore, visit her house and go inside to find a book on the left side of the corridor on the table. The book is easy to find out, as it will glow.

Return the book to Anna and talk to her. She offers a decision on how to get rid of three stumps, instructing you to collect the following materials to improve your shovel:

  • 10x soft wood: In addition to Dazzle Beach, coniferous wood can be found everywhere under the trees.
  • 4x solid wood: it is mainly found in forgotten lands, frosty heights, the sun-flooded plateau, a clearing of trust, a forest of valor. Just look for a darker shade of wood under the trees.
  • 4 iron ingots: they can be made using 20 iron ores and 4 coal.
  • 3X craft details: are made of 6x iron ingots.


Having collected these materials, take them to the workshop to make a blade of a shovel. Open the inventory tab and use the blade of the shovel to update the shovel. After improving, return it to the bridge in the forest of valor and clean the path blocked by three stumps.

Talk to Anna while she leads you to the ice cave. Talk to her again and take a picture of the cave to send Elsa. Take the photograph and letter of Anna Elsa in the Ice Kingdom to complete the icy invitation quest at Disney Dream light Valley.

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