A new class Shura is added in the 1st anniversary update! Lineage W latest content, haste play & report!

MMORPG Lineage W for iOS/Android/PC has celebrated its first anniversary since the service started on November 4. This time, the first anniversary update has been updated, so it is a variety of updates.

Original new class SEURA

Related content such as the new area Open, main quests, boss monsters, etc.

New world dungeon ivory Tower AHI camp

The long-awaited mythical transformation

Numerous update commemorative events


New world Open that supports the growth of characters

In this way, it is a masterpiece volume just by arranging topics.

This time, the large update 1st signature class: SEURA commemorating the 1st anniversary held on November 2 is introduced, and while introducing a lot of content, the original class of Lineage W, SEURA is about SEURA. I will tell you the play report.

  • This article is created with the cooperation of NC Japan.

Lineage series SEURA

The most notable in this update is the new class SEURA, which will be the first Lineage series.

SEURA is a close class that uses a dedicated sword and dagger. I heard that it was a class that could overturn the battle situation by making full use of the mobility that confused the enemy camp, the ability to pursue, and the skills to reduce the damage taken, so I immediately played it.

First, at the opening of the SEURA class, a girl who loses his father due to the death of a different world and swears revenge stands up as a monster hunter while holding the sword of death, which is the enemy. Is drawn.

Time passes, and she has grown up to the ivory tower to defeat, but conversely, she is swallowed by death and becomes a half-half. However, the story of SEURA’s introduction is that by finding a sword left by his father, he escaped from his rule and returned to revenge again. (Editor’s note: I want you to play and see the detailed story.)

The special equipment of the SEURA class is sword and dagger. Ta chi is a weapon that is a one-handed sword in the category in the game, but daggers are equipped with the same slot as shields and parlors, so it seems to be treated as armor. In addition, these swords and daggers are essential class equipment for using some skills in the SEURA class, so it is recommended to always equip SEURA. To do.

The most distinctive skill of SEURA is the injury and brand effect of the luxury skill Stigma. Using the stigma skill increases the damage done with a certain probability. Similarly, with a probability, it can give the enemy’s injury effect and the brand effect to enhance your attack ability. In addition, the stigma effect injury and brand are applied in three stages, so the prolonged combat is enhanced.

In addition, another characteristic ability is the soul shield skill. Soul Shield is a skill that you have learned from the beginning in the SEURA class, and has the effect of consuming Seoul to reduce damage to yourself when attacked by enemies.

This consumed soul can be checked in the gauge at the top of the HP/MP, and by using the Soul Leap skill, it absorbs the enemy soul with a certain probability when attacking the enemy and restores Seoul. Can be d1. In addition, it is possible to use multiple skills using Seoul, such as Soul Burn, a skill that quickly recovers HP by consuming all souls.

From these characteristics, when fighting with a strong enemy in the SEURA class, he continues to fight using the duplicate stigma effect and soul rather than escaping in a shortage of HP. It seems to be a style.

In addition, although it is a highly difficult skill such as heroes and legendary classes, there are guillotine and chaos mirage as pursuing skills. After stopping the enemy’s movement from a long distance with the guillotine skill, you can instantly cut the enemy in front of the Chaos Mirage and stab it. This is a skill that has the potential to turn over the war in a group battle.

This new class SEURA can be started with a new class, and if it is a character of level 50 or more, there is also a class change (SEURA) from an existing class. In the case of Class Change (SEURA), the weapons/armor and skills you have can be converted to SEURA, so if you have already acquired the player, from the first day of the class change to SEURA. It is also possible to enjoy hero-class skills.

  • Class change (SEURA) is before regular maintenance on Wednesday, November 16th.

I played the new class SEURA

In May, I played Dark Elf for half a year after the class change from Elf to Dark Elf. This time, I was attracted to the cool (cute) appearance of SEURA and played and played immediately.

First, the changes in the basic parameters due to the class change from Dark Elf to SEURA are as follows. (The status at the time of dark elf is a little, but the buff effect may remain.)

  • Physical defense (AC) 150 → 160

  • Night hit 220 → 244

  • Night range damage 105 → 111

  • HP 4005 → 4510

  • MP 1200 → 1507

The above parameters have the impression that they have risen considerably just by changing the class. Thanks to this, the attack has been hit at a level that can be experienced one rank higher. However, if you do not acquire short-range damage and a mechanical edge that greatly increase the hit, it will not go up to this point, so it will be a skill that should be selected for a class change.

Stigma has a 30 % chance of activation probability, but it is a feeling that it is activated relatively. The place where you want to buy it as a magical merchant because the firepower is quite high.

In addition, although it is a hero-class skill, if you learn Stigma: Abyss, the damage will increase from 1.5 times to double and the brand effect can be increased to up to five levels. It takes time to acquire it because you need a considerable number of honor coins, but let’s try it.

Guillotine is required for PVP. This can be held at a long distance against the enemy, so you can expect a considerable success in large group battles and fast-footed opponents. Although it is a hero-class skill, it can be obtained from 500,000 honor coins from the Aden’s Hero-class Skill Book Selection Box at the honorary store of the shop, so if you play it, you can get it someday. Increase.

In addition, Soul Leap, Stigma Blade, and Stigma: Abyss can be purchased from clan stores, so it is likely that you will store the honor coins every week of pine wands.

Compared to other classes, the number of hero-class skills is larger, and at this stage it has the same or more firepower as Knight or Dark Elf, so I accumulate honor coins and acquire a hero grade skill. If you are assumed to go, it is an impression of a large class.

Conversely, players who do not have a hero-class skill in the current class and use the honor coins to enhance Insignia, so it is better to consider class change compared to the current occupation. That’s right. For example, if it is a dark elf, it is recommended that you use the high avoidance power to play at a hunting ground 1 rank below.


(Editor-in-section note: It is the current experience, and it does not apply depending on future balance adjustment.)

Notable new territory Open

The new territory Open added this time is a familiar area in the Lineage series, and is a high-level position.

The fields added in Open this time, Mayo snow wall, saber snow wall, ice lake, and Elmore Fierce Battle are everywhere in the snow scenery, but the recommended level is 67-76. I am. However, it is an area where valuable items such as the special equipment of the new class SEURA added this time are dropped, so even if the level band is a little different, I would recommend that you have a party with your friends. 。

The ivory tower is usually added in the world dungeon, not a regular dungeon. It is the highest level dungeon among the existing content of the current content, from 70 entry levels. Currently, only the Demon’s AHI camp has been released, and the Barlow camp will be added in the future.

The anniversary update of the hot event with a lot of attention

This update has been implemented with a lot of content, but there are also many updates commemorative events.

Among them, TJ’S GOLDEN COUPON is most looking forward to it. Speaking of TJ’s coupon, it is a familiar event in other titles of the Lineage series. You can restore weapons, armor, and equipment that have failed due to reinforcements. In addition, the first coupon Special Enhancement in the series, which does not go away even if it fails, is prepared.

In addition, even those who have just started and have not yet failed to challenge or strengthen synthesis can now be obtained by producing rare-class transformation/magic dolls and equipment.

For those who are starting to start, we recommend the new world Open.

It is recommended for those who could not take a step one step because they can start from level 1 in the new world added according to the update on Wednesday, November 2.

In addition, the new world limited, increased growth speed, adjusting boss difficulty, and a dedicated coupon Open Early Bird Coupon for those who could not receive the TJ’S GOLDEN COUPON mentioned above, and transformations above rare classes. You can receive Magic Doll.

Also, as announced on the live broadcast held on October 28 (Fri), only in December, the opening of the World offense castle and the dark elf opening beyond the server frame so far. It is said that there will be plenty of updates such as the addition of content such as the underground world Rastaban and forgotten islands and the collaboration with Taiwanese artists following the Korean shock Console.

Celebrating the first anniversary, in addition to new classes, new areas, dungeons, TJ’S GOLDEN COUPON and the addition of new worlds, players who are playing Lineage W every day, but for users who have been resting a little. The updates and events that you want to experience are crowded.

If you haven’t logged in yet, why not play in a hurry?

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