Xbox Game Pass: Quests Overview and also instructions KW 45/2022

Today we introduce you to an Xbox Video Game Pass Quests Overview including instructions for the KW 45/2022. The new quest week runs from November 8th to November 15th, 2022.

Xbox Video Game Pass Quests KW 45/2022 Overview

  • Quest: regular quest-do 3 day-to-day orders
  • Video game: optional
  • Things: 10 points

  • Quest: Play 0/1

  • Game: Turbo Gold Competing
  • Details: 50 points

That you can complete the quest, a simple begin of the video game is currently adequate. The fastest way to finish the quest is to begin the game by means of the Xbox cloud.

Instructions : The easiest method is to play the Video game Pass games below. To save on your own a setup, a game from the cloud with the Video game Pass app additionally works.

Directions : For this quest you have to start an Xbox Game Pass game on the Xbox on 3 different days a week. Do this on 3 days as well as the quest is done.

That you can complete the quest, an easy begin of the video game is currently enough. Turbo Gold does not offer cloud gaming, yet due to the low download size of 4 GB, this is unpleasant. As quickly as the button shows up ready to begin, you can start the game and touch the points.

Quest: Play 0/1
Video game: Cricket 22
Things: 25 factors

  • Quest: Individual design-play 3 game pass games or achieve 3 successes in the Game Pass Games
  • Game: optional
  • Details: 10 points

Other subjects:

That you can finish the quest, a basic begin of the game is currently adequate. Directions : The simplest way is to play the Game Pass games here. Every week there are two video games where you can gather Benefits factors, if you have this power you currently have two out of three games. Find one more video game that you might currently have on the Xbox or additionally set up a little video game to get the factors. To save on your own an installation, a video game from the cloud with the Game Pass application likewise works.

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