Avengers Endgame w a milestone from the era of movie theaters that will not be repeated again

The climax of the call Saga of the Infinite of Marvel Studios arrived with Avengers Endgame , the second part of the two crossovers of avengers led by the brothers Russo that narrated us the arrival of Thanos and Fall of earth superheroes in Infinity War , to reborn and counterattack in Endgame , returning to life in the middle of the universe that w annihilated with the click of the crazy titan. And it is precisely to end me what represents a milestone for the era of movie theaters, something that will not be repeated according to its directors. This is collected by the Variety medium after interviewing Joe and Anthony Russo .

Something like endgame will never happen again

And it is that Avengers Endgame w an event that crossed the limits of popular culture to become a phenomenon of which everyone wanted to know their conclusion, even more after leaving the audience totally off the audience with the tragic Final of Avengers Infinity War , in which the most powerful heroes of the Earth-and part of the universe-listened, vanished.

All this led to an overwhelming box office that managed to knead nothing more and nothing less than 1.2 billion dollars Only during its first weekend , a milestone that according to the Russo, will never be repeated In the era of movie theaters, mainly, by the change in the consumption habits of the mses: It will never happen again. That w the cusp of the era of movie theaters . When we started ABB [its film and television producer], we already felt that the winds changed, says Joe Russo.

We will see if with the premiere of Avengers Secret Wars , the next great Marvel Studios event next to Avengers King Dynty -which will arrive before-a similar expectation is achieved and, therefore, a collection also of record. For this we will have to wait for 2025 and 2026.

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