New look at Hogwarts Legacy gameplay

Today Harry Potter fans must be partying, since there has been a new look at Hogwarts Legacy, a game in which we can explore the school of magic to our will. For months his developers had remained silent, but now with a new video we already have a certainty of what we will be able to play.

The first thing they have shown us in the video is the creation of a character, and from what you see there are many templates to choose from, so users could spend many minutes at the beginning of the game with just this option. The type of face, body and other factions are very well-defined, that also goes for clothes and accessories.

They also show us the movement of the main character, which has a view on the shoulder, very in the style of the current PlayStation games such as The Last of Us or God of War. In the scenarios the avatar can interact with all kinds of magical things as well as their housemates. That it should be remembered, the room will be different depending on which we have been selected.


We also have different skill trees, which are revealed as we move forward and gather experience for the protagonist. Through the map explores spells will be at our disposal, having the possibility of taking objects out of reaching, stun enemies, floating concrete objects and more.

To almost end the presentation we have the interaction with the teammates, because we can dialogue with them and raise our affinity, what most attracts attention is that they will be of different houses to ours. The last, they have shown us the part of the fighting, which are perceived as fluids, with different spells that have different effects.

Remember that Hogwarts Legacy arrives on February 10, 2023. The platforms are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Via: Warner

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