[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] Play Tactics Ogreborn before release! It became easier to play and I fell asleep this time …

! Note! This article includes the description of the early story of Tactics Bourbon. If you want to avoid spoilers as much as possible, please be careful when browsing.

This time, it is a Nintendo Switch version of Tactics Bourbon given by Square Enix.

Tactics Olga, which was released for Super Nintendo in 1995, is a masterpiece tactical RPG depicting three ethnic conflicts on Valeria Island. In 2010, the Tactics Olga Fate Circle (hereinafter: Fate of Fate), which adds new elements such as Fate C.H.A.R.I.O.t. that can enjoy various IF scenarios while holding part of the progress data. Released for PSP.

This work based on the Ring of Fate has a variety of elements, including high-resolution graphics, live BGM, full voice, new UI, and battle design remake. Increase.

I got the opportunity to play this work before the release, so the tension explodes!

Tactics Yoga was played every time a transplant and remake were released, such as the Super Nintendo version, the Sega Saturn version, the PSP version, the virtual console version, and the transplant and remake were released!

The temporary peace is over, and the struggle between ethnic groups begins again…

In Valeria, ethnic conflicts have continued for a long time, but thanks to Dorsal, called the overpass, it was peaceful for a while. However, with the death of Dorsal, the three ethnic groups of the rulers, Gargantuan, which account for the majority of the population, and the ethnic minority Waste, will compete over the hegemony of Valeria. It is a world setting.

The main character denim is Waste, an ethnic minority! …… The flag color seems to be the worst.

Answer some questions before the main story begins.

Depending on the answer to the question, the protagonist’s initial parameters will change.

Power is power in the random world!

Here are all the answers that Stars are likely to rise! … I have a feeling that a ridiculous brain character is likely to be born.

This is a denim-kun who is likely to be a brain muscle character.

Since his father has been taken away by the dark knights, he is a member of the Waste Liberation Army, along with his sister’s Katia and his childhood friend Weiss.

The three have the information that the Dark Knights’ leader, Lancelot, will visit the town, and attempt to assassinate Lancelot. Is fighting with three people instead of all the liberation troops? I will stop my sister.

…… If you were saying, the battle started suddenly!

The battle is a turn-changing ceremony with an enemy or friend. You can act from a small unit called WT (weight turn).

Only denim can be operated in this battle, and Each and Weiss act auto.

Here, the denim of the brain muscle character (in the brain setting) is ahead… ! Weiss, too much attack! Well, then we will be in charge of backward support by spoiling Weiss…

is a brain muscle, but palliative… It’s the worst character.

No, it’s because of me as a player.

Long-range attack is super convenient! But be careful about misfiring

What came to the town was Holy Knight Lancelot , not The Dark Knight Lancelot .

In other words, he mistakenly assassinated the person with the same name. Dangerous.

This work adopts a multi-story & multi-ending system, and the attribute of denim respects the law and order due to the choice of players, L (row), neutral N (neutral), and priority on freedom to bind. It changes to any of the C (chaos) to branch, and the route branches.

I don’t know what my choice has affected, but I feel like a denim is a bad guy.

Anyway, the misunderstanding with the Lancelot and his party was solved.

Denim and Lancelot will act together to rescue the imprisoned Waste Liberation Leader Ronway.

In the world map, you can exercise on a clear map or shop at a shop besides selecting the following scenario:

The exercise is like a training mode that matches the original version, and it is possible to raise the level using this (Tremor, the Fate of Fate has disappeared…). However, there is an upper limit of the level according to the story progress, so it does not mean that it can be infinitely strong.

Nevertheless, the skill level of the weapon increases with each fight, and you can learn new skills and special moves, so it is worth practicing even at the upper limit level.

By the way, putting your friend’s name on the game character is the real pleasure of RPG. My friends are all girls, but the names of my fellow borrowed from my friends, such as my friend O’Hara, Abe, and editorial Mae!

In the class, each weapon that can be used is decided, and there are good points. In addition, there are some kinds of melee-type classes that can use long-range attacks and magic, so it is better to take into account the overall balance, taking into account such places.

Also, there seems to be a cool class in Ninja and Knight. Who fires and welcomes new friends…

In battlefields, there are objects with height differences such as cliffs and private houses. If you have an obstacle in the track of a bow or magic attack, you may not be able to reach the enemy, so be careful.

One more thing to keep in mind is the misfire to your friends. If you look at the enemy only, you often hit your friends in front of you.

I was killed by Mr. Media several times! (Note: Uncle Yeshiva was commanded)

Be careful not to be separated!

I introduced only stories and battles, but shops are one of the important factors.

At the shop, in addition to the purchase of items, you can synthesize and strengthen equipment and hire friends.

It is troublesome to spend some money on employment of friends and enhanced equipment. I have to save money!

In such a case, persuade the enemy unit during the battle and pull it into your friends. Okay, Ninja’s Misty has become a new friend without spending money!

Actually… just before this, denim had a class in Ninja, so I was happy to say new ninja will increase! Denim-kun! The skill level is high. Gun…!

I was jealous of the newcomers, but basically my friends value. This is because friends have loyalty, and if they fall below a certain level, they may be separated.

If there was no loyalty system, the handling of friends was rough…

You can’t confirm your loyalty as a numerical value, but you know what kind of impression you have for denim, so you need to be careful if you start making a stinky claim.

Denim may have become a bad guy in my choice, brain muscle, palliative, doubtful, and disgusting, but highly evaluated by friends. It was good.

Everyone… I’m a friend!

However, the incident happened when the crisis was wiped out in a battle.

During the battle, he could not save his fellow life.

For the time being, even if the HP becomes 0, it can be resurfaced depending on the item, but it will die after a certain turn.

I forgot to buy a resuscitation item and could not resuscitate my fellow. But everyone has forgotten things, Donnie!

He was a friend who died this time, and he would be forgiven…?

A real grudge.

I’ve always been hitting the shade…

I was so gut hook to fall asleep while holding the controller! So I don’t know the exact clearing time, but I think I probably played for 30 hours.

I personally thought that the level management was changed from class units to unit units, and exercise mode was added as a means of raising levels. The parts were improved so that they could play more comfortably. Additional elements such as auto save and double-speed mode can be reached to the kayas!

It is a title that I would definitely recommend not only for beginners but also for those who have cleared the old work!

Tactics Bourbon will be released on November 11, 2022 (STEAM version is November 12, 2022) for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam).

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