About three forms of empathy through the game

  • Topic: Immersion-Me and My Street

  • Lecturer: BOK Gyu-dong-CEO of Gentle Maniac

  • Field: Development, production

  • Time: 2022.11.17 (Thu) 12:00 ~ 12:45

  • Summary: Production and precautions of the worldview that determines the immersion of the game. Representative BOK Yo-jong’s story of three types of emotional empathy, the factors and precautions that hinder the empathy, and the efforts to create the worldview.

■ Pleasure through the game-empathy -Why is this man angry?

What are the forms and conditions for creating and creating a sense of game immersion? Perhaps the most important thing is the reconsideration rate of users. What is the most important factor of the indicators that affect the reconnection? Probably how much the user is immersed in the game.

Is it more exactly immersive that the user wants to play the game again? It will be enough. The mechanism of basic immersion is the meaning of immersion, empathy, and empathy.

In the past, there is a drama called ‘Lost’, which led the mid-craze. Even if you do not have to run this drama, you may have watched the video of Korean-American character Won Windsor, who is famous for being called ‘Chick’. Won Windsor plays golf with the group, including the distressed ‘microphone’ together on an unknown island. On the other hand, the microphone that won the game is just a game, but does not understand Won’s thawing.

Won Windsor, who wants to be happy through the game, and the game are only games. The difference between the two is the difference in empathy for the game.

We have the pleasure of gaining from the game. Basically, the achievement of goals through various experiences that are difficult to obtain in reality, the pleasure of victory that confronts the enemies, defeats, and gains the sense of victory, and various emotions that are felt when exploring the huge world created by the producer, but it varies from game to game. Experience, and this is the time when you sympathize with others and have a bond.

After all, it is no exaggeration to say that good games and successful games depend on how many users can empathize, not just games.

■ Effect of empathy on game experience -Main character and me

The number 0 is engraved on the palm of the hand. And I changed 0 to 1. Simply changing the number 0 to 1 doesn’t mean much. However, if it gives meaning, the horse is different. For example, let’s say Mo-Sol Kim decided to change the number 0 to 1 when he made a girlfriend. In this situation, the number 0 is changed to 1.

All empathy requires meaning. If you approach the game element, the number 99 changes to 100, but the level 99 level 99 in the RPG game with 100 is a tremendous sense of accomplishment. User characters and emotions of users. I don’t actually do it, but I have to empathize with my character through my character, victory, inquiry, and ties through my character.

How can I connect it?

There are many elements surrounding the character in the empathy. Many things coexist with enemies, colleagues, rivals, rivals, kingdoms, cities, and society. There are users and user characters that do not automatically empathize, and you have to consider various things.

The world surrounding the character, my real world, and in different worlds, and the two have psychological distances. And even if the distance is far, it is difficult to empathize. The game is generally only conducted from the time of the main character, and the important thing for games in RPGs, strategies and adventure genres is accomplishment and victory. The emotional solidarity of the user and the character must be needed and matched.

■ Three typical forms of empathy -VR, meta buses, JRPG-type games

Let’s take a look at three representative representatives that have led to high empathy due to the success of integration. For example, the Elder Scrolls Skyrim (my precious avatar), the lineage that created a unified, and the Final Fantasy series with the feeling of the field.

These games have different empathy methods, but they are representative games that have created strong empathy through different ways.

The ‘VR’ game to be seen first can be said to be the most traditional type. We commonly speak of role-playing (Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty). The stage/world is an isolated world, and the actor on the stage, the user character, acts as my avatar.


It aims to build a new world as much as possible and realistic as possible. The number 99 became 100, the level 99 became 100 levels, and grabbed the Devil and became a warrior in history. Of course, of course, the third will have the greatest meaning. The only thing you do in the fake world is virtual, and you need a world that feels as real as possible to make meaning.

The most important link is the solidarity between the user and the user character, and if the psychological distance between the user and the user character is far, the perception of the user’s game is turned into a ‘just game’. The world’s leading IPs are produced in this way. The characteristic of these games is to completely separate the world, and if this world is expressed that the virtual world is included in our world, empathy is weakened and the immersion is low. So we must be extremely wary of the connection between reality and virtual world (EX-WOW tutorial)

And compared to the past, users are more important than communication and have more knowledge, so many efforts are needed to defend the loopholes.

The next ‘meths type’ is the most common form in online games. The most powerful empathy is the phenomenon that occurs when the work of the online world affects the real world. Representatively, there is Lineage.

User characters and users are inherited from the beginning. This is a kind of ‘masked sashimi’, and everything in the internal world has meaning in the real world, and most of the empathy also occurs on the extension of reality. This form is that the game world is true to exist as part of the world, rather than recognizing that the game world is a ‘just game’ rather than its own meaning.

Achievement and victory in the game also affect reality, especially in-game communities are integrated with the real community. Here, the implementation of the perfect world is not important.

The player recognizes that the world is a fake world and does not point out the loopholes of the world. However, it must be an online game in which the community exists, and the user must be enough to have enough meaning, and when the game itself is reduced in reality, it cannot be led by the internal power of the game.

The last is the ‘JRPG type’ games. The character as a property, and the user owns a number of characters. The character acts as an agent, a possession, and shows the least form in terms of empathy. Final Fantasy 1 ~ 3, some mobile collection games are this form.

The biggest feature is that they do not have the main characters to empathize in the world. However, it is a type that uses a method of arranging people who will be empathetic in various ways, inducing empathy or empathy to the whole.

It often appears in games, dramas, and movies produced in the East. Some collectable games have followed this form, and it has been used a lot in the past, and it is not used frequently in recent years.

Nowadays, VR type is the largest form, and most Western games choose VR. ‘Metals type’ is the most powerful empathy type, but as mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to meet this because it is essential to maintain a large community. In the case of ‘JRPG type’, the production size is reduced compared to the two types.

In terms of the fatigue of communication, users take ‘VR’ in ‘meths type’. It is most important to accurately determine the capabilities of each developer and choose the type.

My identity with the player character

The easiest form of empathy is to be the same beings. Other types of games and dramas that cannot follow this form, such as identity, appearance, situation, name, history, etc., match the identity in different ways. This is a very difficult way, and I am different in the future and the future. Most of the future I think of the potential that is not visible now. The reason is that the above, but the reason is to empathize with the main characters with huge potential. Even if you look at the cartoon ‘Naruto’, which has been a great success, it draws a consensus in the early days, but in the second half, the enormous potential explodes, suggesting ‘I of the future’.

The perfect and tight world is a world that meets the perception of users. It is not necessarily to create a perfect world that does not make a perfect and tight world, a bad world. Then it will be the best, but it’s almost impossible. The important thing is that it must be convincing. For example, if there is a testimony in the historical dramas, it is easy to burn, but the vanity that is unable to meet the basic perception of people cannot be immersed.

Immersion is not the only way of success, but it is a minimum insurance. In Korea, sharing of game graphics, scenarios, etc. can only be found on YouTube, and much information can be found. Furthermore, I think about how to add elements of this immersion in the mechanism of the game’s mechanism.

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