What will you get for classes at a school in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

While some players may object to attending school in their free time, other curious players can go to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet lessons to find out what it is. The game rewards these enterprising players, providing useful knowledge to those who are looking for them. There are three classes to choose from, including biology, mathematics and combat research. Here’s what you will receive for attending classes at the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet school.

What do you get from each class in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?


The biology class does not give you a physical award, but teaches you Pokémon. You can attend two biology classes, where the instructor explains how to make friends with his Pokémon and hatch Pokémon eggs. The class leads to Jacques, which is passionate about Pokémon and their cute quirks.



The class History does not give you an object as a reward, but it teaches you the history of Pale. You can attend two history lessons at which the instructor is discussing the Great Crater and the Pallets Empire. The class leads Sailors, which is deeply grateful for the events that Pale made as he is today.

Home Economy

The household lesson does not give you an object, but teaches you family life. You can attend two homework classes on which the instructor talks about the forces of food and medical subjects. The class leads Saguaro, which is passionate about the treatment of Pokémon.


The mathematics class also does not give you any physical awards, but it teaches you the types of Pokémon and discounts in the store. You can attend two mathematical classes in which the instructor explains how to use the advantages of matches such as Pokémon and get 11 poke balls at a price of 10. The lesson leads a half who is trying to make mathematics exciting with the help of exciting examples.

combat research

As in other courses, in the Battle Studies class you do not receive a physical award, but teach some fighting strategies with Pokémon. You can attend two combat research classes, where the instructor explains the difference between the attack and a special attack, as well as three types of greetings TERM RAID. The class leads the Kendra, the fiery spirit that loves to be on the battlefield.

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