New World was intimidating at the release – thanks to New beginning, I am now there myself

At the start of the new servers, I made an appointment with a couple of veterans who wished to begin again. The publication of the server was reasonably rough, but was probably not a contrast to the release 2021. Amazon rapidly observed that 4 servers were inadequate and provided more every minute, so that no one was in endless queues. At the minute it is played vigilantly on everybody, whether newcomer or veteran.

She plays New World for the very first time, however has been following the action for a while. Now it was time to get your own photo of how great or bad New World actually is.

When I heard about financial exploits, empty servers, dull missions and the tough leveling process, it screamed at me and I decided to leave my fingers from New World.

New World was released in September 2021. I was absolutely interested in the game, however I held back with my purchase. The MMORPG had enormously high numbers of players with long queues, then it suddenly became more and more empty.

When the restarters recently went online, where every player begins again, I dared to do so. Due to the fact that I had heard that New World would have enhanced massively and was no longer so boring. The Clean slate likewise guarantees a new, tidy economy.

In New World on November 2, 2022, the restarters browsed the web. Mango author Any Baker attempted to look into the MMORPG as a whole new player.

boring missions and sluggish levels would most likely have frightened me at the release

The discussions are set to music and there are cutscenes in the comic style that visually remind me of Borderlands. In addition, my screen turns red in between and I hear the voice of Isabella, leader of the spoiling. She informs me that my mission is doomed to fail. I do not share your viewpoint.

Given that an upgrade in summer of 2022, it has been leveling quicker from 20 to 50, and the required experience points in between level 35 and 55 have been reduced once again given that the Clean slate. Some hardcore gamers were currently at level 60 after 18 hours.

Gamers who experienced New World prior to the New beginning typically grumbled about the mission leadership. One was repeatedly credited to the exact same location. At the beginning, cutscenes was much less typical.

I personally motivate me to get ahead, which is why I like the present level process. In the past I would have probably demotivated and eventually shone the length of me.

My level increases progressively, I reach level 10 after less than an hour. Even later on I make it progressed quickly while leveling and have actually now reached Level 40. For some veterans, things are now going too fast since they are used to it differently: the level used to be extremely hard and lasted forever.

My own experience is totally different. I spawned on a coast, do a couple of things there and find out the basics like crafting around the campfire. Soon later on I am traveling elsewhere, my course from NPC to NPC feels fluid and I seldom have to run back. I am so short in the starting area that I even forget to make my tools. I only have the chance a couple of levels later.

In the video you can see a few ideas for your entry:

I’m checking all professions and weapons initially

Ultimately, I choose the spear and musket, a construct that must be well-matched for the level phase. Even later, all characteristics and skills can be reset once again, but then it costs a little in-game currency.


Due to the fast level of my character, I rapidly reach locations in which my life abilities are not enough. They also increase rapidly at the level, however they go up to level 200 and the timber falls in particular quickly become tedious.

The truth that you can level whatever you do in New World keeps me on the bar. It is not too useful, however at least I get an enthusiast through which I get more products for an hour when collecting.

I rapidly had a copy of every weapon and tried it out in peace. The reset of the skills is complimentary up to level 20. Before that was the very same, but you barely had any weapons to test. They typically only got them later on.

Unlike back then, you can now get to all weapons much quicker. Because they simply lie around there, you can find them straight in the beginning area. I discovered a couple, others received by missions.

although I like New World, there are a few issues

Even if I like it quite, New World is not an ideal MMORPG and comes with some problems, despite the restart:

  • Various bugs-raw materials can often not be dismantled, the success interface is aesthetically used, in some cases missions are not displayed properly
  • The group finder completely annoys me. Everyone wishes to be a damage dealer, there is hardly any healers and tanks, no one desires to wait a very long time and individuals simply leave the group once again. New World then offers a solo option for the mission, but I do not find that ideal for an MMORPG
  • To keep the level of my main quest, I have to do nearly all side missions
  • There are no mounts and rather of swimming my character wades through the water. This occurs extremely gradually, which is very bothersome in the overload location.

New World I wouldn’t have liked to release, but except for a couple of little things I like it now

What do you say about the new World’s latest servants? Did you start once again, or have you likewise began a totally brand-new one? Do you believe the level is going too quick now?

New World Guides: All suggestions, tricks and develops in the introduction

Players who experienced New World prior to the Fresh Start often complained about the mission leadership. The truth that you can level whatever you do in New World keeps me on the bar. New World then provides a solo alternative for the mission, however I do not find that ideal for an MMORPG

She plays New World for the very first time, but has actually been following the action for a while. Now it was time to get your own picture of how excellent or bad New World in fact is.

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