Jim Ryan denies that Sony is deceiving regulators with the purchase of activation by Xbox

For months many comments and problems have begun to emerge because Xbox announced that they are in a deal to buy Blizzard Activision, and one of the greatest opponents of the agreement is PlayStation. It has even been mentioned that Sony herself would be influencing regulatory bodies, given this, Jim Ryan has gone to give statements.


These days Microsoft herself has mentioned that Call of Duty is giving more attention than she should, because according to some regulators it cannot be maintained as an exclusive saga. It is then mentioned that PlayStation would have convinced executives not to approve the proposal.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO responded to media like New York Times:

Microsoft is a technology giant with a long history of dominating industries… it is very likely that the options that players have today disappear if this agreement continues.

Also, as we had already mentioned, on November 11, a new offer would have been made so that the Shooters saga remained 10 years in PlayStation. Something that Sony never commented, at least until the information came to light by Microsoft itself.

For now, it is not known when the treatment between companies will close.

Via: Firebox

Editor’s note: These controversies will not end until the purchase comes to an end, so it is likely that we will continue to handle similar information until March, when this Xbox and PlayStation anime arc probably ends.

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