How to execute a contract with radioactive materials in Warzone 2 DMZ

In DMZ Call of Duty: War zone players can perform various tasks to earn money and other awards. You can choose and fulfill several types of contracts in Asmara. One of these contracts is Protection of Radioactive Materials, one of the missions of the fraction of the Legion of the 2nd level called Breeder barrels.


How to find a contract for safe radioactive material in a demilitarized zone

As shown in the image above, the safe nuclear material contract is marked with a radiation symbol or danger on green radio. This contract appears in random places on the map, and it can be obtained to complete the task of the Legion faction in buried barrels.

How to complete a contract for safe radioactive material in a demilitarized zone

As soon as you take the contract, the location of the cache will be marked on your tactical map. You can get to this place on a vehicle or just run to it. Kill all A guards nearby and interact with the cache. Take the Geiger counter from the box, and it will be added to the tactical slot in your equipment. Now the new location of the hidden nuclear cache will be marked on your map.

Enter the allocated area and try to find this cache using the Geiger counter. Indications increase when you are next to the cache. As soon as you find a container with radioactive waste, open it to pick up all the money and other valuable items inside. Now in the same way find the second cache using the Geiger counter in the next marked area. In addition, remember that you should choose at least four items to complete the Legion Buried Barrels task.

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