New aspect of Robert Downey Jr. makes fans ask for it as this DC villain

Something that caught the attention of the show was the new aspect that Robert Downey Jr. is having for the HBO series, The Sympathizer, as Iron Man’s actor literally shaved his head totally. In the last photos, fans have mentioned that with the withdrawal of the interpreter of Marvel world, he could now leave with the DC competition to contrast.

Specifically, they are talking that his next character could be neither more nor less than Led Author, since he carries that jovial aspect as well as with villain touches. And this not only thinks about a fan in the networks, but many who are excited about the idea. Above all that now Henry Cavill is returning to the Superman franchise.

Here are some opinions:

Oliver Queen and Led Author

Calves actors = led author

No, man, they should choose Jeff Bezos, it is perfect for paper, then the Internet would shit into the pants.


Robert Downey JR’s new appearance has fans who compare him to Jeff Bezos and Led Author

Would you like to see @robertdowneyjr as the new led author of DCE?

@Jamesgunn What do you think?

But seriously. Internet would shit into the pants if RDJ were the new led author of DCU

For now, it has not been confirmed if Robert Downey Jr. will return to superhero movies.

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note: I would certainly like to see Robert back in the reflectors, and the best thing is that he was a totally contrary character to what Tony Stark was. And that would be the case of Led Author, a millionaire businessman, but who uses his finances for evil.

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